Building An Altar in Jerusalem

"All across Israel and the Middle East, this generation is gathering. It's all about prayer, worship, unity and transformation. It's all about love, until God's Kingdom comes, until Yeshua returns. ELAV, it's not just a conference, it's a lifestyle."

Young people from all over Israel and the Middle East will be coming together in Jerusalem on 25th and 26th August,to build an altar of prayer and worship. Every year, believing youth from Jewish and Arab backgrounds come to the ELAV conference run by Jerusalem prayer ministry, Succat Hallel, to meet God and dedicate their lives to living for His Kingdom.


Thursday 25th    18:00-22:30 (Israel time)
Friday 26th    10:00-14:30 (Israel time)


Watch this great promo video to get the flavour of this amazing conference.

We love this conference and thoroughly recommend it. Pray for deep encounters with God and each other. Pray for a release of transformational love that will change nations!

Join us in investing in the next generation of on-fire believers from Israel and the surrounding nations. If you are passionate about seeing change in young people, if you want to see hope and transformation in these nations, you can make a gift to sponsor young people to attend ELAV.


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