Youth in Israel Call A 40 Day Fast

"What does it look like to see a whole generation see revival?" asked Nava, a young Jewish believer from Israel. After spending time studying the book of Joel, Nava became passionate to see this kind of revival in her nation and in her generation - to see both Jewish and Arab young people return to the Lord, to see the 'prodigals' come home to the heart of the Father.  Nava, together with other teens and young people in Israel, called a 40 day fast with a particular emphasis on calling back the prodigals - those in our families and congregations who have walked away from the faith. They began fasting on 3rd September and day 40 is on The Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur (Wednesday 12th October), the day when all Israel will be fasting.  

The fast has been named 'Turning Hearts' after the verse in Malachi 4:6 "Turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers".

We had the privilege of hearing Nava share about the fast and the desire to see revival in Israel to a group of Arab Christians, at a meeting we attended just outside of Jerusalem recently. Our hearts were touched as we saw the passion among the Body of Messiah in Israel to cry out for an outpouring of the Lord over the nation and we heard the cries of the mothers for their children to come back to the Lord.

"Come join us, young Arab Christians and Messianic Jews in Israel as we pray, fast and intercede, together with our parents for God’s blessing in this generation." 

The fast ends on 12th October 2016. If you would like to join with the Body of Messiah in Israel for the last week of the fast, praying for the return of the 'prodigals' both in Israel and around the world, we will be posting daily updates from the young people in Israel on our Facebook page.


Here is today's update:

Day 33 – Perfect Timing

Yesterday we entered into the last “phase” of our fast which is- “perfect timing” (see Daniel 9:19 “do not delay”). God has timing for everything and I believe that the timing for us to pray the prodigals in is now. As we moved through each of the 5 stages I believe it was just building us up in momentum to these last 8 days and for the momentum that will keep going after the fast. Many of you have heard this saying of “timing is everything” and most of you can probably read this and nod to yourself saying- this is true. We can make or break something due to just bad timing. Some things happen quickly and some move slowly (Ecclesiastes 3:1-15). Everything in it’s perfect timing is beautiful! I want to encourage us all to pray in His perfect timing for these last 7 days! Sons and daughter coming home singing and dancing and full of life because Love had transformed them on the way home.
Yesterday we had an incredible time of prayer and worship in Jerusalem, we had a young group of worship leaders sing prophetic songs over our nation and over lost sons and daughter. I saw a picture during the night of every prayer that was prayed out getting wings and flying to be accomplished right then! I was stirred and excited for every single prayer and song that was given a voice. We prayed for Bars and Night clubs to be filled with Holy Spirit and we proclaimed all together that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD! I want to encourage every single one of you to sing today and the last 7 days of this fast! SING the burning words on your heart and give a voice to the stirring of the past 33 days. Don’t hold back guys, for the sake of our loved ones don’t hold back! These songs need to be given wings and they only get wings when you speak it out. It’s like spraying a bottle of perfume, you only smell the mist when you spray what is inside out. Whole battles were won in the Bible just by singing, doesn’t that mean something to you? (2 chronicles 20:1-30) Our victory is already won and we are NOT defeated but we sing because we Know Our Side Wins Every Single Time! Also when we sing we are joining in on a heavenly rhythm that awaits for your voice. You see, heaven and earth are both waiting to hear your song that can only uniquely come out of YOUR mouth. Don’t hold back! Sing in your room those prayers that have been written for years over your sons and daughter, record them on your phone if you need to so that every time you lose hope you can hear that song and remember that the Battles isn’t ours.
“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”  Psalm‬ ‭32:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Prayer for today:
  • Holy Spirit help people all around the world release their songs! 
  • Remind us of how Mighty you are God and that nothing is impossible for you! 

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Here is another video of Nava sharing about the fast: