8 Day Journey - DAY ONE


  • 8 Candle holders plus one more to be the servant candle.  
The traditional Hanukkah menorah (Hanukkah) has all nine candle holders joined together into one candlestick but you can use an assortment of individual candle holders and arrange them together on a table or mantelpiece.
  • Lots of Candles


There is an ancient Jewish saying that talks about ‘being covered in the dust of the feet of the wise teacher and drinking their words with thirstiness’.

At the time of Jesus, it was common to invite a teacher to a meeting in your home where he would share his wisdom to eager listeners gathered around. The teacher would be seated on a stool with the students (disciples) sat on the dusty floor around his feet.  

It was also common to travel vast distances on foot and in a hot, dry country like Israel, dust was forever on your feet.  Jewish teachers or rabbis would travel on foot with their students, discussing the scriptures and imparting wisdom.  The disciples would follow in the footsteps of the rabbi wherever he went and literally be covered by the dust kicked up from his feet as he walked. 

Both seated at his feet in our homes, and following closely behind him as we venture out into the world, we want to remain close and always be within earshot of our Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus). To be a disciple, both in ancient times and today, is to be thirsty for the Teacher’s words and to remain in his influence - following close enough to get dusty! May we be always covered in the dust from His feet!



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