The Good News for Dirty Feet

I know it’s often referred to as ‘The Holy Land’, but in my experience, when I walk around Israel, my feet get dirty!  This tiny, democratic nation, nestled in the midst of the Muslim Middle East, is certainly not perfect...but then, I have yet to visit a nation that is!!  And when it comes to ‘being in the Family’, I’m so thankful that God is not looking for perfection, because if He was, we would all be disqualified.  It was John that put it so eloquently in his first letter, chapter 1:8, ‘If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.’

But I love how God chooses what may seem foolish, imperfect, improper or simple, to build and grow His kingdom on earth.  I love how our good, wise, and well-knowing Abba takes people just like you and me, to be carriers of His love, His anointing, His message, and even His glory.  What an honour!  What a privilege! To be part of what God is doing in Israel today through prayer, giving, practical help, encouragement and support!  As we have united hearts, prayers, and finances, the Body of Messiah in Israel has been growing, healing, reaching out with the Gospel, changing lives, teaching, blessing, learning, restoring, and going out into the nations with the love of Yeshua/Jesus.

Through Helping Hand Coalition, you have ministered to the physical and emotional needs of Holocaust Survivors and opened the door for those who have come to faith in Yeshua, to meet together for worship and teaching.  Through Springs of Hope you have gone into northern Iraq and helped to establish an avenue for humanitarian aid, hope, healing and restoration to reach Yezidi refugees.  Through Dugit you have been reaching out to the poor and needy of Tel Aviv with love, aid, and the Gospel. Through HOPE (House of Prayer and Exploits), you have reached into the Arab believing communities around Israel and sponsored women to attend life-changing conferences - conferences where the Holy Spirit has brought freedom, deliverance, healing, joy and passion into their hearts.  We have seen it first-hand!  Through Elav, you have brought together Israeli Jewish, Arab, and Palestinian youth who love Jesus passionately.  You have empowered them to build relationships across cultural boundaries, to count the cost as they return to their homes inspired to infect their communities with good news of Yeshua. Through the support of individuals, you have enabled young pastors and ministry workers to continue serving their Congregations, and you have sent Israeli believers into the world’s mission field (look out for the story from Tanzania early next year!)  You have been the labourers alongside us as we have shared the good news of what God is doing in Israel, to the church and to the nations!

A wise pastor once told me, that when the water in the harbour rises, all the boats go up.  So it is with God’s church - as we invest in seeing the tide of God’s Spirit bring growth and revival in Israel, the global church will participate in the same blessing.  No, Israel may not be perfect, but God is perfecting His Body in Israel, as it grows, matures, and fulfils its divine calling to the nation and nations of the world.  As you continue to partner with, and sow into all God is doing through His church in Israel, we know that God is also bringing to bear His Kingdom throughout the world!

So we’d like to say - from Your People My People, from the Jewish and Arab Believers in Israel, and from the Father’s heart - Thank you so much!

"As the mountains surround Jerusalem, the Lord surrounds His people
both now and forever more."  Psalm 125:2