Distributing Love and a Little Fun

A few years after the establishment of Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre in Tel Aviv, the ministry opened a food and clothing Distribution Centre for the struggling, homeless, and widows. What started as five, maybe seven, needy people coming on a weekly basis, soon grew within less than a year to 40 families in need.  Even though they have moved, downsized and been thrown out of several different locations, God has been faithful through it all to reopen and sustain the Distribution Centre.  And now operations have been up and running again for a year or so, it is also growing once more!

The heart of the various staff who’ve worked there, has always to been to not only feed and clothe the physical bodies of those who are receive help, but also their emotional and spiritual bodies by sharing the love of God through the Gospel with all who enter their doors.  Currently, the Distribution Centre is blessed to have a husband and wife team, Denis and Nadia, working to see God’s kingdom invade the little Centre.  Food is given monthly, feeding close to 100 families from the area, all referred to Dugit by the local municipalities Social Services. The majority of people registered are Russian immigrants who are learning to speak Hebrew. Denis and Nadia are Israelis who also immigrated from the Soviet Union and their ability to  speak Russian and Hebrew fluently is a great asset.

Beyond meeting the immediate and practical needs of their ‘customers’, Denis and Nadia had it in their hearts to do something special for these people.  A day trip to Jerusalem was planned for as many as they could fit on the bus!  Because of financial constraints, the need to work and spend many hours learning Hebrew, for many of those in the group, it was their first opportunity to visit Jerusalem.  What a joy it was for the Dugit staff to bless and love on these new Israelis!  They made them to feel honoured and valued, not only providing for the transportation but also making sure the group was fed well in nice surroundings.
By the end of the trip many people expressed their sincere gratitude for this experience together and there are already requests for when the next special day out can be planned!

Please join us as we pray for the seeds of love to grow into good fruit for the Kingdom, as ones such as these have their eyes and hearts opened to Yeshua, their Messiah.