Lending A Helping Hand

How often have you been dependant on someone in order to achieve a desired result?  From constructing that garden shed or riding the bus to work, to buying our groceries or getting some much needed prayer support from a good friend, our life is intrinsically dependant on others.  Most of the time we don’t notice it, until something goes wrong perhaps!  And of course, others are likewise dependant on us to do what we do, not only in our practical, temporal world, but to fulfil our divine calling to be whatever part of the Body our good Abba has created us to be!  Some people thrive on being needed, while others of us tend to avoid situations that involve dependency, but wherever we fall on the spectrum, the truth is, we are not alone, not designed to completely function alone and certainly fail to live that abundant life when we try do it all on our own.

This is an important dynamic the Directors at Helping Hand Coalition are well aware of, and one of the things we at Your People My People love about this organisation, is their desire to be inclusive and work with as many are as willing to be involved.

Helping Hand Coalition has a focus on helping those in need, particularly the now elderly Holocaust survivors that make up around 2% of the population in Israel.  Besides running special events, giving humanitarian aid and food coupons, and providing much needed medical services as opportunities arise, HHC help to fund and coordinate Shalom Homes around the country, small home networks where Survivors can meet on a weekly basis to share a good meal, develop friendships and share stories of life before World War II.  The structure has become a life line to many, generating  warm and safe relationships for the lonely,  creating vibrant communities that give support, love and care during times of grief and struggle.  It’s true that the numbers of remaining Holocaust Survivors are slowly diminishing as their age increases each year, but with over 200,000 still living in Israel, there are plenty of people  that HHC aim to help.

Over the years, Helping Hand Coalition have been blessed with different volunteers that have assisted in the overseeing  and running of the Shalom Homes.  This January was a celebration of the New Year and anniversary of two precious individuals that have served in this way for the past year.  They held a special Shalom Home meeting with the group from Hadera, around 20 Survivors who held a special place in the heart of the volunteers.   “This very group was the first group we served when we first came to Israel.  They are also the first group that invited us to their 2016 New Year party celebration.  Last year we met together  several times, eating and laughing, giving them comfort when one of them suddenly lost her husband.  Our friendship has grown over the past year, but they are only one of many lonely Survivors’ groups that we had the opportunity to serve in the Shalom Houses and their homes,” explained Lesly, one of the volunteers.

“So to show them our appreciation, we gave them a plant to be put in their hostel.  It is an honour to be in Israel serving  the precious survivors together with Helping Hand Coalition,” shared Petra.

Your People My People loves and supports the ongoing work of HHC.  They warmly welcome groups and individuals from around the world who come alongside the work and ‘lend a helping hand’.  If you’re interested in getting involved with HHC’s valued work,  then please get intouch with us - we’d love to connect you and see you make a difference to the lives of Holocaust Survivors!