Hope for Israel and the Middle East

We have been so encouraged to witness how the Lord has been pouring out his Spirit on Israeli Arab youth.  The Lord is raising up a powerhouse of intercessory prayer warriors. With hearts open to see the Lord move among their Jewish and Arab friends, these young people are making a difference in the spiritual realm. 

In November last year, the land of Israel was ravaged by a series of wildfires many of which were started by arsonists with a political agenda against Israel. A combination of very dry ground and strong winds caused these many small fires to grow into huge conflagrations burning out of control for many days. Whole communities were evacuated, including 75,000 from the city of Haifa.

By the fifth day, 180 people had been injured, 560 houses had been burned and acres of beautiful forests had been destroyed that could take 30 years to restore. Israeli and Palestinian firefighters worked together to the point of exhaustion day after day, but nothing seemed to quell the fires.

At HOPE (House of Prayer and Exploits) in Nazareth, young Arab believers, recognising this as a spiritual attack over the land, mobilised themselves for 28 hours of continuous prayer and intercession at the House of Prayer. They cried out for God’s mercy in this fight against the wildfires and for rain to come and drench the dry land.

They built a prophetic altar with stones engraved with new names and decrees for the Land taken from Isaiah 62 and proclaimed God’s blessings over Israel.

The young believers also committed to praying every morning at 6am during the crisis and set up a WhatsApp group on their mobile phones to encourage each other to persevere and to share what the Lord was saying to them.

After days of terror, the fire quietened, rain began to fall and the firefighters were able to bring it under control.

Our hearts were so encouraged to hear how these young people not only have passion for Jesus to be Lord of their lives, but to see him as Lord of their nation. Not just a nice sentiment but a concept they own by putting practical action to their heart’s desires. Would that all the young people in each of our nations have this kind of passion to see God’s Kingdom come!

12 promises for Israel from Isaiah 62 - 'Your Salvation is coming!' is the one at the front.


"We just finished the youth conference with 140 Arab youth last night. I have not seen that level of anointing on a group of millennial's anywhere that I saw on them. God is really raising up an army of young people here in Israel in the Arab community. I fell in love with them and I had an amazing time... Rania Sayegh is doing an amazing job pulling both the youth and women of the the nation together. The Holy Spirit just fell on them and they start weeping, shaking, totally overcome. When you see that level of the Holy Spirit moving upon the young people and within them there is amazing hope for the nation. And how amazing that that level of God's presence is on the Arab youth. That generation is going to shake the world and usher in the greatest global awakening. It's already happening here in the Middle East but there is much more to be done. How encouraging, how exciting, how faith building!”  

Barbara Yoder, leader of Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network (BAMN)
HOPE Youth Conference, Jerusalem - February 2017