Introducing The Next Generation!

Nestled on the slopes outside the old city wall of Jerusalem, looking out onto the Temple Mount, you can find the home of Succat Hallel (Tabernacle of Praise), a 24 hour house of prayer that has been filling the incense bowls of Heaven with their intercessions for nearly 20 years.  From this ministry was birthed Elav (Unto Him), a multi-national youth conference that brings together believing Israeli Jews, Arabs and Palestinian Arabs for worship, teaching, ministry and discipleship - a truly ‘one of a kind’ event!

This spring, Your People My People made a visit to this dynamic House of Prayer.  We have shared many times about the wonderful things going on through the Elav conference, but this time we had come to visit another ministry we had heard about, operating under the shade of Succat Hallel:  Dor Haba (The Next Generation).   

Tal, a mother of 8, had invited us to meet her for one of the prayer/worship watches that she was overseeing.  The small team took up various instruments and began to worship and play, singing, reading the scriptures and praying, and led us for an hour into an intimate and powerful time before the throne room.   As they listened to the Holy Spirit, they began to intercede for their generation, asking God to invade their lives with His presence and enable them to make a difference in the world.  Not so unusual perhaps….except this team was wholly comprised of 10 - 12 year old children.  And this watch was their responsibility every week.

As we talked with Tal, her enthusiasm and vibrancy for what God is doing in the coming generation was evident.  And putting legs to her passion had birthed Dor Haba.  “Our desire is to encourage young worshippers, song writers, and musicians from all over Israel, both Jewish and Arab” shared Tal. “We run a worship training camp every summer, we produce recordings, we feature new songs, and we are a part of Succat Hallel, meeting weekly there with young people who are passionate about prayer and worship.”

As Tal talked more about the worship training camps, our hearts were drawn in by the stories of young people, separated by culture and language, being brought together by worship and loving Jesus.  One 16 year old from Gaza has this testimony:

“It is the first time that I felt love from Jewish believers and was the first time I could truly love them and know them as brothers. I had come to the camp afraid they would look down on me or be suspicious of me, but I found just the opposite and became good friends with them.”

Another 16 year old had this to say:

“Before I came to the camp, it was hard for me to read my Bible or to enter into worship. But at the camp after one of the leaders prayed for me something broke through in my heart.”  Since she came home from the camp she can't put her bible down!

“The heart of the camp is to see each young person develop a lifestyle of prayer and worship. And to see them become excited about pressing into intercession and prayer for what God is doing today in the earth and for the great harvest which is yet to come!”, explained Tal. “We hope you will be inspired to worship God even more. And to partner with Him in prayer for what He’s doing on the earth! That is, after all, what we were created to do.”

We couldn’t agree more!  Envisioned and excited about all God is doing through Dor Haba, we took the bus back to Tel Aviv knowing that we had to share this good news with you.  God truly is doing amazing things in Israel, through those that love Him and respond to His call.  Your People My People is committed to supporting this ministry financially and prayerfully.  If you would like to join us, then let us know and use the links to make a donation.  Thank you!