Releasing Arab Women into Their Spiritual Destiny

In the western world, we are so inundated with conferences and resources, it is hard to imagine what it is like for the followers of Jesus in Israel where there are only 3 or 4 small Christian bookshops in the whole country and many of the books are in English (a foreign language). 

Conferences are rare in Israel. International ministries come in to do their ‘big event’ and may invite some local pastors to join them but rarely are they available to the local body, in their native language. That is why we are so inspired to stand with local belivers who are pushing through to provide good teaching, worship and ministry to the local body of Messiah in Hebrew and Arabic. The conferences we share with you are unique in meeting this need. The people are hungry to attend and be filled with all God has for them. We feel they are vital for building relationships between believers, across the nation and across the Jewish and Arab cultures.

Rania Sayegh and her team from HOPE (House of Prayer and Exploits) in Nazareth are busy preparing for a gathering for Arab women in September. The conference focuses on Deborah: the prophet, judge and warrior who chose to call herself ‘a mother of Israel’. This is the third annual ‘Deborah’ gathering and we at Your People My People, have personally witnessed what an incredible impact these conferences are having on the women. The Arab Christian commnunity in Israel is very traditional and conservative, but the Holy Spirit is breaking down barriers, healing hearts, setting people free and releasing them to fly!

“The Lord has been speaking to us prophetically,” shared Rania, “directing our hearts to the desire of His heart and will, for what He wants to do in this upcoming strategic gathering.

“We are working on inviting between 120-130 women; those who are already involved in ministry and who are desiring to be released by God into His work. These women will be coming from 22 local Arab churches in the land of Israel. The gathering will take place at Yad HaShmona, a Messianic holiday village in the hills that surround Jerusalem.

“We have extended an invitation to 27 international spiritual mothers to be part of the ministry team at the conference. And to 12 local mothers from the Arab and Jewish Messianic family. We are anticipating a gathering of a powerful company of women that will hear the trumpet call and come for a strategic time of prayer, seeking God’s heart, worship and fellowship: to release what is on His heart for His land and people!

“We are praying and believing for God to use this appointed time which falls during the month of September (two weeks prior to the beginning of the new Hebrew year that begins on the Feast of Trumpets). We feel this will release a corporate trumpet call for the mothers, as Deborah, to arise in the land of Israel and begin to position themselves in the spiritual army, His family.”

Rania is passionate to see the Lord move powerfully in her homeland. ”The Lord has given us the privilege to partner with Him, to see this movement among Arab women in the land of Israel birthed back in September 2015. We are witnessing His glory being revealed in a new way like never before; new wine skins being prepared for His new wine to be poured out, joy in the unity among women, an army of women emerging to advance the Kingdom, and freedom to be released to their destiny.”

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Your People My People are partnering with Rania and HOPE for the September Deborah Conference. Please pray for these Arab Christians as they push in to advance the Kingdom and grasp hold of the amazing spiritual destiny the Lord has prepared for them. If you would like to sow into this amazing ministry please click the donate button:


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