When the Lion Roars...

Is it time to rise up? Rania Sayegh, from HOPE: House of Prayer & Exploits in Nazareth, visited the UK last year and spoke this powerful word over the nation. 

“Usually, before I go to the nations I love to ask Jesus, “What do you think about this nation? What do you really want me to pray about this nation?” So besides sharing my vision for Nazareth and for Israel, I love to see what the Lord says about you. I was asking him, “How are you going to establish your throne of glory over this nation?”

“The Lord responded by showing me a vision. I saw the four creatures of the throne room that are mentioned in Ezekiel 1 and in Revelation 5. I saw one of the faces of the 4 creatures on each country of the British Isles. I saw the lion on England, and I saw the face of the eagle on Wales, and I saw the face of the ox (like a calf) on Ireland and the man was on Scotland.

“The lion (England) began to roar – lion England began to rise up with a new sound and began to roar and when she began to roar, the lion of the tribe of Judah began to roar with her, I saw the vibration of the sound of the roar as it travelled towards the rest of the countries.

“Then, the eagle (Wales) began to lift his head, raise up his wings and screech. Then, he took flight, carried on the sound of the roar.

“Next, the sound of the roar began to also touch Ireland. The calf, was behind bars, like in a cage and as the sound of the roar reached the cage, the gate broke open and the calf was released and began to run.

“The man (Scotland) looked like his feet were bound, and when the sound of the roar reached Scotland and touched his feet, it broke the chains. The man was loosed and began to move his feet and dance over the land.

“I felt that as England will arise with its authority as a lion, and release the sound of worship and praise like never before, a new sound would be released in the land. The lion of the tribe of Judah will roar in response over the British Isles and deliverance and victory will manifest in the rising of the identity of these nations, for His throne of glory to be established.

“There is an alignment that is coming over these nations. The sound of the pride of lions will set things on course and in a new order.

“I was excited when I saw this vision. Wow, Lord! I don’t understand it all but I am getting to understand a little bit and I think some of you would have bits and pieces. I put it out there for you because I believe some will have already seen some of the things being confirmed.”

- Rania Sayegh

We were so encouraged by this vision Rania shared and wanted to print it for you here, so we can be praying together for the roar of the lion to arise. Feel free to share this vision with others and let us know if it confirms anything the Lord may already have shown you.