The Stones Will Cry Out

The elderly and familes who rely on food hand-outs from Dugit Ministries' 'Merkaz Khaluka' (Distribution Centre) in Tel Aviv rarely get out of the city. They have no transportation or financies for day trips or for the simple luxuries many of us take for granted. Denis and Nadia, the managers of the centre, wanted to help lift the spirits of these people -  to help them leave behind the drudgery of poverty for a day. "When we notified them that we were offering an all-expense paid trip to the city of Nazareth to see the sites and share a meal, they were more than excited!", they shared.

On the day of the trip, the bus arrived at 7am to pick up a full load of eager participants. "Before long, we were on our way to Nazareth, in Galilee, with the goal of sharing some biblical history as well as to create an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of the people to the truth of who Yeshua (the Hebrew way to say Jesus) really was, is, and will be. We were blessed to have a tour guide who is also a believer. Our guide had a real gift of revealing the truth of Yeshua through history and archaeological sites. She made these usual, dead stones really come to life!"

Intently listening to the tour guide
"We spent the day going to several biblical sites including the church where it is said that the angel visited Mary and told her she was going to be the mother of Yeshua. This church was also located in the area where Yeshua lived as a child. As our guide explained these biblical stories and related them to the Jewish people, it was incredible to see how eyes began to open and people began to understand the reality of Jesus the Jew! As the day wound to an end, we stopped at a local restaurant for a meal and shared a relaxing time of fellowship."

"It was such a blessing to see everyone laughing and enjoying themselves as they partook of the meal. As we headed back to Tel Aviv, we were blessed to hear the amazing feedback from the travellers. One lady said she had been to Nazareth in the past, but it was the first time someone had explained to her about the life of Yeshua in a way she could understand. We knew what she was feeling because we know that it is the Spirit of God who opens spiritual eyes!"

Dugit Ministries' 'Merkaz Khaluka' (Distribution Centre) in Tel Aviv, is an outreach of love into the community. Not only do they provide food supplies and clothing, but also a friendly face treating each person who comes in with respect and dignity.

"We sit with them and make every effort to truly connect with them and see how they are doing. For those that are open to share, we listen and then ask if we can pray with them. Amazingly, though most of them are not religious or even believe in God, they are happy to let us lay hands on them and pray to God to help them with whatever it is they need. As we talk and pray with them, there is a real softening of their hearts as they begin to open up. It is in these tender moments that we are able to truly minister to them and tell them about Yeshua. It is our goal to communicate that it is because of the love that Yeshua has shown us that we are able to reach out to them and care about what is going on in their lives."

We pray for this ministry as they reach out to the poor and suffering in Tel Aviv.  We pray that God's love would be released through the kind and gentle staff. 

We pray that through these trips to Israel's historic biblical locations, the stones will cry out and reveal the truth of the Bible and that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would meet with each person and give them life, hope and truth! 

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