URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Messianic Pastor Eddie Santoro in Hospital

UPDATE: Praise God the surgery was successful!  Keep praying for Eddie's full recovery! Revive Israel Ministry just posted the following update.

"Eddie’s surgery this morning to remove a cancerous lump from his brain was successful and without complications. He just woke up and is speaking Hebrew and English freely! As always he loves everyone and is very excited all went well. From his point of view he is ready to go home! 😊

Thank you for praying with us!! Please continue praying for Eddie and Jackie through this recovery period!

Testimony: yesterday Eddie prayed with a man to receive Yeshua in the hospital while waiting to see the doctor! What a powerful example he is of walking in love and faith despite major personal medical challenges!"


Eddie Santoro, a key pastoral leader of the Messianic Body in Israel is in hospital preparing for 'extremely complex' brain surgery. The brain cancer he had recovered from in 2015 has returned with a vengeance. The surgery will take place tomorrow and we are urging as many as possible to pray for Eddie as he goes through this very dangerous procedure.

Eddie and Jackie Santoro, together with Asher Intrater are the senior leaders of Ahavat Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Jerusalem and also serve in positions of senior leadership in Messianic ministry, Revive Israel. Their wisdom and pastoral leadership has been instrumental in building up the Body of Messiah in Israel and many have been impacted by their counsel.

In 2015, Eddie Santoro underwent surgery to remove a brain tumour. Since then, he has shared many updates describing breakthroughs in his health and the many opportunities he has had to share of God’s amazing healing power. Recently, a headache prompted a check up which revealed that the tumour had returned and the prognosis is very serious. He is being submitted to hospital today to prepare for the surgery tomorrow, the 10th April.

Here is the update the Santoro's released on 4th April:

In some way this is not an easy update to send and yet in some wonderful way, there is an abundance of God’s eternal blessing that is pouring upon me.

In our last update we shared the most recent medical challenges we were going through. After experiencing some symptoms, the doctor had ordered a CT exam and after seeing some things that didn’t look good, he ordered an MRI. We were able to get one immediately. Today we went to the doctor to get the report. Sadly in the natural, the results were quite negative but we stand by his word that ALL things work to the good for those that love him and are called according to his purpose.

The cancer has exploded in my brain. After speaking to the oncologist and the surgeon, the recommendation is for another surgery to remove as much of the tumour as is possible. The alternative to surgery had results that felt far more precarious in the natural.

I will be admitted to the hospital on Monday and the operation will be on Tuesday. The surgery is extremely complex and obviously there are significant dangers involved in the process. On the positive side, the surgeon has encouraged us that most of the time they achieve their goal; the removal or reduction of the tumour with minimum damaging effects. Unfortunately all agree that there is no natural cure with this particular illness.

We have stood in faith for almost three years. We know that God has done an amazing and wonderful work in us and through us. We have been bold to preach the gospel and the healing power of God to everyone around us. We don’t understand all that has happened but we know one thing: God is good and his mercy endures forever.

The situation is difficult but we are always more than conquerors. We will not be pushed back but will continue to press ahead in Yeshua. If God is for us, who can be against us? His grace is always sufficient.

A very important part of what lies before us is your love and prayers offered in faith. Knowing you are standing with us is a source of strength to us. The battle is intense and yet greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world. We can not lose but only win, no matter what! To live is Messiah and to die is gain!

Again, we thank you for your love and participation with us. Only to God be the glory.

We Send You Our Love From Zion,
Eddie and Jackie

Here is a Facebook live video they recorded yesterday: FACEBOOK LIVE update