The Love of Jesus Overcomes Racial, Cultural and Political Divides, Even in the Middle East!

"The love of Yeshua (Jesus) crosses all racial, cultural and political lines. Even in the Middle East! His kingdom will advance despite how the enemy tries to stir up hatred and resentment. His love prevails." shared Tal, Director of 'Dor Haba'.

In recent weeks, as the world media was proclaiming there can only be hatred between Arabs and Jews, a group of young people in Jerusalem were proving the world wrong! Palestinian Arab Christians from the West Bank joined with Jewish and Arab followers of Jesus from all over Israel to worship together, pray for each other, share and give testimonies. In fact, the meeting went on for two hours longer than expected with much joy and dancing together as they worshipped the Lord! 

This is the heart beat of Dor Haba an amazing ministry that is training up the next generation in worship and intercession. Based in Jerusalem, Dor Haba which means 'next generation' in Hebrew, brings together Israeli and Palestinian teenagers and young adults to train them in music, worship leading and prayer. As they learn about the Lord together, and get closer to Him - barriers are broken down and friendships developed. 

The recent gathering in Jerusalem was a special time as it was the first time many of them had seen each other in person (not just on WhatsApp) since the Dor Haba worship camp last summer. There was much joy at meeting again face to face! 

Worship was led by different teams of young people in both Hebrew and Arabic. At one moment, spontaneous worship broke out and they started singing: "We are children of the King. Nothing in the world can change this."

There was also an incredibly special moment when the Israeli Arab youth gathered around and prayed for their Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters and then for the Palestinian Arabs and then vice versa. With all the political tension going on in Jerusalem at the time, this was an amazing testimony of God's love overcoming the world. 

"It showed that the love of Yeshua (Jesus) crosses all racial, cultural and political lines. Even in the Middle East!" shared Tal, "His kingdom will advance despite how the enemy tries to stir up hatred and resentment. His love prevails."

Children singing a new song...

In addition to these special gatherings for Jewish and Arab followers of Messiah, Dor Haba also runs weekly worship watches at Succat Hallel House of Prayer in Jerusalem - Training children and youth in worship and intercession. 

"Sometimes it takes kids (not to mention adults) a while to break through into real worship. It's easy to play the chords and sing the words. But to really focus on Him and press into His presence takes intentional effort sometimes." shared Tal, "I am so proud of these kids who come every week and give these two hours to pray and worship. But kids will be kids and sometimes they giggle during the worship time. Or make faces at each other. Or space out thinking about the homework they have to do when they get home.

"But eventually they really do break through into real, powerful worship that I know touches God's heart. Last week at the watch they had a moment like that toward the end when they began singing spontaneously about His love. Once they got going there was no stopping them - they went 40 minutes over time on their two hour watch! 9 year olds and 10 year olds were making up beautiful choruses/phrases to the Lord. Why? Because the Holy Spirit broke through. Please agree with me in prayer that there will be more and more moments like these in their worship times, where they are led by the Spirit and sing out and pray with boldness!"

Summer Camps

This year's Dor Haba Worship Summer Camp and ELAV youth conference will take place in August. These events gather hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians to seek the Lord together, build relationships and learn to worship Him with one heart.  

DOR HABA Worship Camp

ELAV Youth Conference

Pray for these unique opportunities for bridges to be built between believers from these very different communities. Your People My People has seen first-hand how awesome these conferences are and what an amazing tool they are to break down barriers and prepare the harvest in the next generation. 

If you would like to partner with us to make these conferences possible, you can