Time To Grow...

Today, another group of young Israeli followers of Yeshua (Jesus) arrived at Lech L'cha to begin their 3-month, residential, discipleship course. We are especially excited about this course, the third one to run this year, because with your help we are sponsoring students who would otherwise have been unable to attend. Find out why these courses are such an important and special time for these young Believers...

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Join us in praying for these young adults as they set aside this time to focus on the Lord and really learn how to walk with Him daily and become salt and light in the area of Israeli society the Lord places them. The first two weeks of the course usually focus on their personal walk - personal prayer, repentance and commitment to the Lord. Then, they begin Bible study which includes hiking in the very places the biblical events took place! At the end of the 3 months, the students embark on an outreach to another country. 

Join us in praying for class #26 as they arrive and get settled in. 

Want to know more about Lech L'cha?

Founder, Yohanan Stanfield, shares the vision behind Lech L'cha and why he thinks it's so important:

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If you have a heart for discipleship particularly among young adults and would like to help fund a student to attend Lech L'cha  CLICK HERE