Jesus, More Than Enough

HOPE - House of Prayer and Exploits in Nazareth have called a 40 day fast that culminates on 21st December.

Rania Sayegh, the Director of HOPE shared that the young people and intercessors began their fast on on 11th November and will be praying for an awakening of love and passion for Jesus both in their personal lives and in the nation.

The title and theme for this fast is “Jesus, more than enough” based on Psalm 63.  In today’s society we find ourselves increasingly distracted by social media and the things around us. During this time of fasting, HOPE will also be focusing on removing negative thinking patterns and distractions, and taking time to meditate on Jesus really being more than enough. 

Rania is inviting anyone to let them know if they would like to also fast in some way during this period for a revival of passion for Jesus.

“Would you please stand with us and push for a dawning of breakthrough for fresh fire to fall on the altar of our hearts and our nation. “ shared Rania. “Please send us a note to let us know you are praying along with us!”

If you would like to send a message to Rania and HOPE to encourage them that you feel to pray and fast alongside them in some way, you can email us or send a note and we will be happy to pass it on to them.