After God's Own Heart

A new batch of fresh and eager young disciples embarked on the beginning of their Lech L’cha journey this month. 

Class #27 began to settle in to their three-month residential discipleship program as they prepared to study the bible together and learn what it means to be a disciple of Yeshua (Jesus) in Israel. As a new term begins, the staff at Lech L’cha reflected on all the Lord had done among the young people in the previous program.

“We are so thankful for what God has done with Lech L’cha this past year… we were privileged to serve the Lord with 3 Discipleship Programs, 33 students and 12 interns. An outreach trip to Uganda in the summer, and another amazing door opened this year - hosting and serving hikers on the `Israel trail`, which happens to pass right next to our ministry centre. Staff and students had the opportunity to host and share the Love of Christ with them in a very special setting, during the program. We thank the Lord for what He is doing with Lech L’cha, all that He has done this year and all that He has in store for this upcoming program!

 “During the programs, the students have been going through bible teaching, hikes and other activities - learning about our amazing and loving God, drawing closer to Him and spending these weeks in His word. As a group and individually, they have been encouraged during this time, and have been spending precious and personal time in His presence, as well as overcoming different challenges in areas which God desires to heal and refine.

“We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose!”

In the second half of the program, the students are encouraged to seek the Lord for guidance about their future steps after the program. The studies include topics like, ‘Knowing His voice’ and ‘Calling’ as well as involving the students in different activities such as evangelism and volunteering at various places and local ministries.


BEN: “When I came back to Lech L’cha as a young staff member, I expected a lot of work. I wanted to give as much as I can for others, to bless and strengthen them (the participants) and see them bloom, and definitely that is what happened. Just, it was above my expectation.  It was a wonderful season, a great blessing for me to know deeply people that now I so love and appreciate. A season of experiences and laughter, growing and self-learning.

“To see how God can change and work on every heart, and to see how it is important to spend our time on the superior things, on the thing that is for God and according to his will and not just things for our good.

“I believe with my whole heart that if we care for each other and we put God’s will before all our wishes, it will be the best, desirable and the happiest thing for us.

“I so appreciate our beloved participants that were in the Last program, every one of them is like a brother and sister to me – definitely I would like to spend 3 more months with them, no doubt! 

“In the same way, the local staff that serve with me became close to me like family. I learnt so much from them, and there was always support and a sympathetic ear to turn to.

“I thank God with all my heart for this opportunity, and I wouldn’t change this season for anything else, not for a job with a high salary, not for a long trip around the world; I have nothing to say beside it was a special season that won’t repeat itself! But, I’m not worried, I know that God has a lot to give me and for each of us!  Program #26, you have a special place in my heart!”



NATALI: “I didn’t make a lot of significant decisions in my life. But, the wisest decision that I could take is to devote the first month of my life after the army to seeking and knowing God deeply.

“It wasn’t easy to give up my will to start to work and start to study and get in the routine of the ‘Adult life’, especially with pressure coming from every side.

“I have to say that it was the best investment that I could ask for a new chapter in my life.  To take a break from everything around, from work, family, my comfort zone, the unending race of life. And to get into an intensive 3 months that focus on God.

“Renewal of mind, healing that only God can provide, new friends that become family, providing tools and new habits that changes my daily life. I’m a witness that God has worked in my life and the life of my friends this season and he is continue to work and will not stop.

“A friend of mine at Lech L’cha told me about her life and I was amazed by every word she said. So I told her: ”Wow what an interesting life you have!” and she answered, “God is the one who made my life interesting”. You want an interesting life? Let God be the centre in everything in your life!

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