Starting a Revolution... of Love!

Nine women, both Jewish and Arab, went out onto the streets of Jerusalem with 300 roses to spread a revolution of love.

Rania, a Christian Arab and the director of HOPE - House of Prayer and Exploits in Nazareth, was inspired to act on a desire the Lord had put on her heart some years ago. While praying, the Lord downloaded a deep love for her Jewish family and the plan formulated to express God's heart of love through handing out roses to Jewish people on the streets of Jerusalem. Other women were inspired to join this vision including Jewish Believers who wanted to express their love for the Arab population in the nation. They would start a love revolution where roses replaced bullets and love replaced hatred.

Roses were carefully prepared with messages of love in Hebrew and Arabic and the verse from 1 John 4:7 "Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God."

The group of nine women felt God wanted to use them as his secret weapon to birth a 'Love Revolution'! They went out two by two: one Jewish woman with one Arab woman and gave away 300 roses in two different parts of Jerusalem. They began their 'revolution' near the Jaffa Gate in the Old City and then moved on to Salah e-Din – a mostly Arab neighbourhood.

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God." 1 John 4:7

"The team of women that came together, worked together in great unity and harmony. There was so much joy as we went out in the streets together." shared Rania,  "All who received roses from us received them with such joy! We even caused a traffic jam in Salah e-Din because people were stopping to take a rose."

They had lots of amazing conversations with people who were surprised and encouraged to hear their message and very happy to take a rose as a symbol of love.

Sarah, another girl on the team,  shared: “One of our first encounters was with two Jewish women who were so excited, they immediately said, ‘Oh, we don’t need a rose, keep it for others, we just want to hug you!’

“One man said he didn’t want a rose, but he did want to donate towards our revolution! He kept asking where and how he can give. We explained simply that it’s like the love of God, it comes as a free gift and that he just has to receive it."

"Some passers by reacted to it so strongly," shared Orna, a Jewish Believer. "It was as if each rose opened a door into their hearts, and pulled out something that usually would take a good 30 minutes of talking to get to. Those roses were prayed over, and they carried with them a message from God.

"That Thursday ended a bloody week, with some severe terror attacks across the land. So our message – “We are in this together, there is another way!” – had an even deeper significance."

They had a special encounter with a young Muslim boy called Mohammed, who was around 7 years old. As Rania was getting ready to give out the roses, Mohammed approached her and said, "Auntie, can I please have a rose?" Rania said, "Of course! You can have one for sure." He then asked for another one, so Rania gave him another one and asked why he wanted a second rose. "One for me, and one for my Mum," he explained. Then, he turned around like he was going to leave, but Rania stopped him so she could explain why she was handing out roses. As they talked and Rania shared the Love Revolution vision, she also shared that the love of Jesus Christ is the reason they want to do that. This piqued his interest, and he wanted to know more about Jesus and where He lives. Rania explained that He lives in heaven and that He loves him so much. Mohammed was very intrigued that Jesus lives in heaven because he thought no one lives in heaven.  And he said, "Is he alive?" Rania explained how Jesus died and resurrected. By this time, one of the other women had parked her car and came over. She asked Mohammed, "What do you need from Jesus today?" Mohammed explained, with a sad face, "We need everything because we have nothing in our home. I don't even have money to take the bus back to my Mum."  Everyone's hearts were melting and they were all crying. They gave him some money for the bus, and laid hands on him and began praying for him. As they finished the prayer, he told them that he had pain in his feet and he leaned back against the car because of how much pain he was in. Rania began to lead Mohammed in a prayer for healing, which he repeated, and Rania declared over him, "Now you can walk." As he began to walk and tap his feet on the ground, he looked up with eyes full of shock and told everyone that he had no more pain in his feet. He was so excited! Rania told him that when he gets home, to tell his Mum what happened. She said to explain that he met a woman named Rania who gave him 2 roses, and that Jesus can provide every single need in their home, that they can pray to Him and he will answer their prayers.  "Just as he did, just at this moment," encouraged Rania, "Jesus answered your prayer for money for the bus, 2 roses because He loves you, and He healed your feet. And you can ask Jesus to come and visit you in the night and show you Himself." The young lad left with a lot to think about.

During the time in Salah e-Din, the Love Revolutionists encountered an Arab woman who looked like a woman of authority. "Noa, one of the Jewish ladies with us, asked her in English if she may give her a rose," shared Rania, "Noa continued to explain what we were doing in English.  The woman asked her if she was a Jew?  Noa responded, yes.  Then the woman asked, "Then why don't you speak to me in Hebrew? I have been waiting for so long for a Jewish person to tell me that they love me in Hebrew!" Noa, of course, began speaking Hebrew to her and told her that she loves her. The two women were so excited to have met each other.

Pray for these seeds of love that have been distributed in Jerusalem - that the message of love between Jews and Arabs would root deep in people's hearts and that ultimately the Prince of Peace himself, would reveal himself to those who seek Him!

You can read more about the Love Revolution HERE

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