The Right Tools

Having the right equipment for the job is essential for a job well done.  A sledgehammer will do you no favours trying to knock a nail into a wall any more than a claw hammer will break up a concrete path, but when the right implement is applied to the appropriate task, the result is a world of difference.

There is an African proverb that says, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.  In other words, an entire community of people must interact with the child, in order for it to experience and grow safely. The same goes for the Kingdom of God.  Some of us are gifted to easily share the gospel and others are passionate to teach and train.  Some of us are blessed with resources to share and others are burdened to stand between heaven and earth, interceding and praying.  Some people are wonderful listeners and carers, others are amazing administrators and organisers, and it takes all of us using our gifts and strengths, applying the right implements for the right task, to see God’s kingdom grow and mature.

Through your service, gifts and prayers, you are working alongside the Jewish and Arab Believers living in Israel, being woven into their story, being part of their ‘village’, raising disciples of Yeshua/Yasua/Jesus throughout the country.  Some of them are called to assist practically, others to mentor and evangelise.  Some are called to administrate, others are interceding. Some assist the elderly, others invest in the coming generation.

Along with you, all are making a world of difference - thank you!

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