A Company of Deborahs

  JUDGES 5:7

In April, a band of women will be gathering in Nazareth for a strategic, prophetic prayer conference where both Jewish and Arab followers of Jesus, mature  ‘spiritual mothers’, will be seeking God together for His plans and purposes for Israel and interceding for their fulfilment.  Laying aside personal, political and cultural differences, these women are standing as modern-day Deborahs, spiritual mothers that bring life, peace and protection to the Land as they pray with one heart to see God’s will fulfilled.

What would it look like if mature spiritual mothers, followers of Jesus from both the Jewish and Arab cultures in Israel came together in unity with one heart to prophetically birth God’s purposes in the Land? A company of Deborahs walking together in intercession - rising above the politics of the Land and tensions in the physical - healed and standing in the gap for the whole nation - really walking together as a family, as a clan, as a tribe, as spiritual mothers, prophetically birthing His plans and purposes in Israel?

This was a dream carried in the hearts of the organisers who have invited round 70 Israeli women, mature followers of Jesus from Jewish and Arab cultures, to convene in Nazareth - As the town where Mary first heard she would be the mother to God’s plans, this seemed an appropriate and symbolic setting for a strategic gathering of spiritual mothers.

We are praying for this gathering of 'Deborah's clan' that the hearts of the women will be knitted together in unity for God's plans over the nation. And as the 'mothers of the Land' pour out their hearts, the children will turn to the Lord and blessing will come to the Land.