I'll Bring You More Than A Song

Dor Haba (meaning ‘Next Generation’) is a vibrant worship mentoring and training ministry for young people, based in Jerusalem. They had to cancel their summer worship training camp last year because of a family tragedy, but through that, the Lord has opened the door for more intimate training days that have been hosted by Congregations around the country.  Tal, the Director of Dor Haba shares about this new opportunity.


“We are going as a team to the youth themselves in various churches and congregations and it is strengthening relationships and unity. We are finding that the pastors and the young people truly appreciate our desire to come TO them and serve them in the place where they ARE instead of just asking them to come to US and be a part of a big camp or conference.”

Dor Haba held two training days in Arab churches in Bethlehem and in the north of Israel.

“Although we had to cancel the larger Dor haba training camp this past summer, God has kept the vision alive through sending us out! 

“I had the privilege of taking an amazing team of young adult worshippers to go and serve and build relationship in several Arab churches in Bethlehem (the West Bank) and the next week in Eilaboun (in Northern Israel). There we met up with young people to encourage them in the areas of worship and prayer. We split into groups and did exercises on voice and instruments, helping them learn how to flow together as a team and how to incorporate prayer and spontaneous singing into their worship. We quickly realised we had to adapt our style away from western worship into a style they could relate to more and connect with... hence we brought out the Arab darbuka [Middle Eastern hand drum]  We had an amazing time of connecting with them and encouraging them in the power of the Holy Spirit and the prophetic.”



In December, Dor Haba went to the bustling city of Tel Aviv for two days of worship training for young people.  The course was limited to 30, to maximise the practical elements of learning to worship together, and was for those aged between 13-19 who were already active in leading worship or playing on worship teams in their youth groups, congregations, or House of Prayer. Many of them wanted to learn more about the “flow” of worship. How to move spontaneously between songs, prayers, scriptures and prophetic singing.

“Our desire was to encourage them to use their gifts and talents for the Lord and to use music as a tool to be a blessing to the body of Messiah and a light in the world,” shared Tal. “This is something of course that only the Holy Spirit can teach. So that’s what we prayed for...that they would encounter the Holy Spirit in the place of worship throughout our time together.  Yes, our desire was to encourage them as musicians, singers, song-writers and worship leaders. But more than that, it was to encourage them in their calling as priests - those who stand in the gap for their generation in worship and prayer.  The ultimate goal is to help them develop a daily lifestyle of worship and prayer that flows naturally from their hearts. 

“We had a wonderful two days and we praise God for each and every precious young person that came. We pray that what God did in their hearts during these two days will continue to bear much fruit in their lives!”

There were all kinds of practical workshops: How to Prepare for a Worship and Prayer Set; How to Communicate and Work Well Together on a Team; How to Flow in Worship with Prayer and Scripture; Different Styles of Music; Song Writing and Arrangement; and Prophetic, Spontaneous Worship. 

The participants were also keen to improve their instrument playing and there was plenty of practical help as well as opportunity to learn more about basic music theory. 

“We limited the amount of students to 30 so that we could split them into 3 worship teams. There were 3 practice spaces set up. If the workshop was about “the flow of worship”, they then worked in teams on flowing between songs and incorporating prayer and scripture. If it was on “styles of music in worship” they then split into teams and worked on arranging a worship song in a specific style.

“It was beautiful to see teenagers from different backgrounds making music together, praising their Creator and even writing songs. One of the teams wrote a full song together in Hebrew. The verse was a rap about trials faced at school and how God helps them overcome.  On another team, a Jewish girl, 15, and an Arab girl, 16, from the West Bank, who had met and become friends at one of our camps, sang beautiful harmonies together on their worship team. Another thing that was beautiful for me to see was the younger generation of leaders rising up. A 19-yr-old worship leader taught the workshop on spontaneous worship and a 20-year-old worship leader worked with teens one-on-one.”

On the first evening, there was an “Open Mic”. Several young people sang really catchy and original songs they had written. Others sang covers with beautiful harmonies. Everyone had a fun and relaxed time and really got to know each other. 

On the last night, worship was lead by local worship leaders and a mixed Hebrew-Arabic worship team that included Dor Haba friends from Bethlehem. After a time of prayer over each other (Arabs for Jewish believers and vice versa), the evening finished with a joyful time of worship and dancing together before the Lord.

“It was wonderful to have a smaller group of students than we do in the summer Dor Haba camp,” shared Tal, “because we were able to go a little deeper with each one and it was more intimate. We look forward to seeing these young people and more, God willing, at the upcoming Dor Haba camp -  in June 2019!”