Athletes in Action

On a sunny afternoon, as you look out to the clear, turquoise Mediterranean Sea from the Tel Aviv promenade, you will see beautiful golden beaches filled with Israelis and tourists: young and old enjoying a day by the sea. Some go swimming or fishing, others play beach sports, and others enjoy good old fashioned sun bathing. On one such day, a group of young teenagers in blue and white T-shirts could be seen picking up rubbish from the beach. If you returned that evening you would have seen these same teenagers playing volleyball and basketball with Israelis on the beach.

The group of teenagers were from an organisation called Athletes in Action, an international sports focused ministry focused on equipping athletes, coaches, and sport-minded individuals to grow in their relationship with Jesus and multiply their life into others. Together with a local Israeli team from Dugit Outreach Centre, they spread the love of God from the beaches to the slums of Tel Aviv.

Each day, the athletes engaged in outreach and community service and in the evenings would play beach sports such as volleyball or basketball with local Tel Avivians.

Whether it was cleaning the streets or the beaches, or just being a friend to children in the slum areas, these simple acts of kindness were met with responses of "Wow!" "Why are you doing this?" "Are there any more like you?" "We want to join you?" and many more questions.

"These activities opened doors to share about the love of God with many who would have just passed us by in other situations," shared one of the Dugit staff.

"Yeshua commands us to let our light shine before men that they may see our good works and praise our Father in heaven. Together, we have been able to shine and allow others to see the goodness of God. We pray that in the future the seeds that were sown would grow into faith in the saving grace of Yeshua."

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