The Gospel With Coffee

A coffee shop outreach in Tel Aviv, run by Dugit Ministry is welcoming local Israeli clientele with awesome coffee and great conversation about the Gospel. Here are a couple of good news stories:

"As you know we opened our new coffee shop outreach  “HaOgen” a few months ago. Things are going great and we are excited with what the Lord has already begun to do.

"The other day a middle-aged Israeli man walked into our coffee shop. Alex our manager approached him and the man asked, “What is this place?”

"Alex explained to him that the coffee shop is run by a non-profit organization that believes that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah. They continued talking over coffee for the next two hours about Judaism and the personality of the Messiah for the Jewish people and all the nations of the world. Through this conversation, Alex was able to share the Gospel with him.

"The man told Alex that his grandfather was the head Rabbi of Tel Aviv during the time of the founding of the nation and his roots come from Rabbi Joseph Karo who wrote one of the most important books of the Jewish faith, “Shulchan Aruch.”

"Amazingly, even though this man came from a very religious background he did not relate to the religious lifestyle because he understood that “religious tradition” was created by man and not God.

"This man has met with Alex at our outreach centre several more times to continue to learn about Yeshua and is very open to the good news of our risen Messiah!."

Please pray for this man, that God would continue to soften his heart. Pray that his mind will be open to the truth of Yeshua and that he would ultimately come to salvation.

"Every morning we open the coffee shop and get ready for another day full of opportunities to share the gospel with the people of Tel Aviv as they come in to get their morning coffee.

"One of our neighbours has become one of our regular customers. After he drops off his two young daughters at Kindergarten he comes for his morning coffee at HaOgen. Every time he visits he enjoys talking with the Dugit Evangelists about faith, the Bible, and the history of the Jewish nation.

"He is a Professor at the local University and currently claims to be an Atheist. His father is a Holocaust survivor and his mother was a German Catholic. Throughout his life, he had an internal identity conflict because he was brought up understanding both the Christian and Jewish traditions. We explained to him people can believe in Yeshua and still be Jewish. As he heard this truth his eyes lit up, and he became very excited about this new found possibility that could change his life.

"We know that Yeshua is the answer to the conflict that he has wrestled with his whole life, and we believe that as we continue to share with him he will open up his heart to Yeshua and for the first time in his life find real peace with God."

Please pray for this neighbour that God would continue to minister to his heart and that the staff would be able to lead him into the Kingdom of God.

Good coffee, cool decor, comfortable surroundings and great conversation is giving local Tel Avivians an opportunity to interact with followers of Yeshua (Jesus) and an invitation to meet Him for themselves.

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