Add You Light!

As the summer months are upon us I’m reminded of camping in the New Zealand bush with friends.  Out in the middle of nowhere, once the sun goes down, it’s pitch black under the cover of trees. But when you step out into the clearing, the Milky Way puts on a dazzling display and there are more stars visible to the naked eye than you ever thought possible.

The darker it is, the brighter the light appears to shine. You don’t often get that view from the cities and towns we live in because of all the man-made light being created.  Ironically, from the International Space Station, it’s the lights of our towns and cities that are visible, lighting up the earth, creating a stunning network of pathways and centres of light so bright and clear, they can easily be seen even when you’re about 240 miles/400 kms above our planet’s surface.

In Matthew 5, Jesus said,
“A city on a hill is not easily hidden, nor do you light a lamp and hide it.  Instead, you put it up high where its light can be seen by all.”  

In Israel, Jewish and Arab believers are putting their light up high for others to see as they share the gospel and reach out to their communities with the love of God.  As we have freely given and continue to pray for them, we too are adding our light to theirs, fuelling them to shine brighter and empowering them to become that ‘city on a hill that cannot be hidden’!  I can imagine our Father’s perspective in Heaven, seeing all the lights that are shining for Him here on earth as we work together for His Kingdom, creating an awesome display, reflecting His love and glory.

It’s an honour to shine alongside you!

Karen Gower