Millenials on a Mission

At the end of September, around 170 young couples and singles, all in their 20s, attended Lech L'cha's young adult conference. The conference was about 'Being an Ambassador for the Messiah’ and it was encouraging to see so many Israeli Millenials - passionate and on fire to be ambassadors for the Gospel. 

"We want to give thanks to the Lord for the last young people's conference," shared Lech L'cha. "Our hearts are full of praise to God for His blessings on this conference."

Photo: Shmu'el Salway of Lech L'cha shares at the conference

Lech L'cha founder, Yohanan Stanfield, shared an inspiring message from Isaiah 6:1-8  emphasizing that the first, most important thing in 'mission' is our own personal meeting with the Lord and our continued relationship with Him. From this place comes an awareness of our sin and unworthiness and a personal experience of the grace and love of God to us in the atonement that is in Yeshua the Messiah. We are then able to hear His voice and respond in humility and commitment. 

Jonathan Goldberg shared in his message that as believers we already have a mission to bring the love of Yeshua and the gospel to others. In addition, the believing remnant within Israel has a mission to bring Yeshua's light to the nations and to bring His grace and love to those far off as well as to those near.


"It was very moving to hear the testimonies of two young people," shared Lech L'cha. "Evan (from Beersheva) told us that he was open to going wherever the Lord would send him but he received a clear call to stay in Beersheva, study at university, work in engineering and serve in his local congregation. Miriam (from Netanya) told us about the process that she went through that brought her to understand that the Lord was calling her long term to work with children (many of whom are orphans) in Uganda. It's special to see in Miriam's case the collaboration between her congregation (Beit Asaph) and 'Lech L'cha'."

P R A I S E  A N D  P R A Y E R

Worship during the conference was led by a team from a congregation in Beersheva and there was also a specific tent dedicated to praise and prayer. On Friday evening, there was a very special spontaneous time of praying and worship in the tent. The young people were also encouraged to find personal times with the Lord during the retreat as well as praying with others. 

Your People My People is so encouraged to know that a new generation is rising to take the torch of mission throughout Israel and into the nations. The work of Lech L'cha in training and equipping these young people is truly wonderful. 

L E C H   L' C H A  S H O R T   P R O G R A M

For the first time, Lech L'cha is running a short program that just takes 3-weeks. The idea is to enable young people who are studying at university or college or are working to take a week to three weeks to study God's word, take time to pray, serve in a practical way together and develop community. 

The course will devolop tools for growing in their faith and daily walk with Yeshua. They will be studying the book of Daniel and praying, studying and worshipping together. There is also a practical serving element. 

This is a great opportunity to enable more young Israelis to set aside time to grow in their faith who perhaps are unable to attend a full 3-month study program.

The next 3-month Lech L'cha course will begin on 13th January and will be full of studying the bible, hiking the geography of the land, volunteering and most of all growing in their personal faith and building lasting friendships. 


Pray for Lech L'cha as they disciple and teach a new generation to follow Yeshua. 
Pray for the leaders as they plan the next courses and sort out logistics.
Pray for the new students - that there would be no obstacles to coming, that their hearts would be prepared for all the Lord has for them. For a full contingent of students to sign up.
For all the finances to come in to cover all the costs. If you would like to partner financially with all the Lord is doing through Lech L'cha you can donate here (note your gift is for Lech L'cha)