Thank You for 2019!

Whether or not we celebrate Hanukah or Christmas, this can be a time of year when there are many demands on our budget. The retail world would have us see this as a season of spending, pressure and unrealistic expectations. But in reality, if we pause to consider it, the season is about generosity, letting go and creating expectations beyond our wildest imaginations!

Our world has never experienced anything more generous than the Father's love in giving His son, Yeshua, Jesus. No one has ever let go of so much as did Yeshua, when He laid aside His majesty and heavenly position to join us, to become one of us. And no one ever dreamed that these two things would result in the opportunity for restored relationship between us, fallen mankind, and the King of Universe, our Father!

Many Christians around the world use this season to remember Yeshua's arrival, that He came as a small baby - yet it was no small mandate to be the Light of the World! Today that Light shines ever brightly in our hearts and throughout the world as we join with the believers in Israel in bringing this message of love and hope to their nation.

Thank you for being part of what God is doing in Israel. Thank you for partnering with our Jewish and Arab brothers and sisters in such practical ways with your prayers and gifts. Thank you for embracing the ‘reason for the season’ and loving the Body of Messiah!