From Jaffa to Jerusalem (virtual walk) // 40 Miles in 40 Days // DAY SIX

DAY SIX of our virtual journey from Jaffa to Jerusalem. It's Shabbat (Sabbath) and as we are in Tel Aviv, let's join Adonai Roi Messianic Congregation as they worship the Lord.

This beautiful Hebrew song is called 'Kuma Adonai' (Arise, Lord) based on Psalm 3.
KUMA ADONAI - Arise, O Lord
HOSHIENI ELOHAI - Save/deliver me, O my God
L'ADONAI HA-YESHUA - Salvation belongs to the Lord
AL AMKHA BIRKATEKHA -Let your blessing be upon Your people.

Pray today, for Congregations throughout Israel as they meet to worship and pray.