From Jaffa to Jerusalem (virtual walk) // 40 Miles in 40 Days // DAY ELEVEN

DAY ELEVEN // Jaffa to Jerusalem - Virtually // Today, let's go and have lunch with our friends at Lech L'cha, a discipleship ministry that runs a 3-month residential programme to teach, equip and encourage young Believers to live and walk-out their faith with the Word and power of God. Living in the land of the Bible they get to explore the actual places where Biblical events happened! 'Lech L'cha' is Hebrew for 'Go forth!' - the words God spoke to Abraham when he commanded him to leave his home and go to Canaan (Gen 12:1). It reminds us of the Great Commission Yeshua (Jesus) gave to his disciples "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations..." (Matt 28:19) So, today... 'Go forth, and follow Him!'