Rising Hope

These are days in which we truly need to remember to ‘cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us’ (1 Peter 5:7),” shared Tal, the Director of Dor Haba (Rising Generation) ministry in Jerusalem as she reflected on how life has changed during the pandemic.  “Another favourite verse of mine this past week has been, ‘But I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me’ (Psalm 131:2)

The Dor Haba Collaborative

Dor Haba has had to re-imagine their ministry during these difficult times. One of these new developments is Dor Haba Collaboratives where the team goes to a local Congregation and works with a smaller group of teenagers rather than the big national events Dor Haba used to run.  A collaboration took place not far from Haifa, a coastal city in the North of Israel. A smaller number of local teenagers, according to COVID-19 guidelines, came together for three days of worship, songwriting, fellowship, teaching, and Kingdom creativity.

“They spent three days together learning, playing, eating, writing songs, recording, and making art. The depth of relationships reached in such a short amount of time was amazing,” shared Tal. 

“Friendships were formed that will surely continue for years to come, especially between the Messianic Jewish and Arab youth.

“The messages were all around the theme of being “in sync with His Heart”. What it means to know God’s Heart, to walk closely with Him, to receive creativity from Him, and to offer a sacrifice of praise to Him.

“Many of them responded to the Lord in a very significant way. They were very open and honest in the times of prayer we had about struggles they’ve been facing. 

“They were also very willing to receive prayer. On the last day, despite having grown up “around the faith”, each of them responded to either give their lives to Yeshua for the first time or to rededicate their lives to Him!”

On the last evening, the Collaborative had a worship time on the beach boardwalk. They played the songs they had written about the Lord. Their joy was evident, drawing many passers-by to stop, listen and begin conversations.

“What’s been special about the Dor Haba Collaborative,” said Tal, “is that instead of inviting the youth to come to a big youth camp, we are going to their congregations and their cities to be with them there in a more intimate, regular setting. We are partnering with the pastors and youth pastors in order to do this, and that partnership has been a very beautiful thing.”

Dor Haba has collated the worship songs that have come out of the Collaborations and plan to release them with videos for others to enjoy. 

Here are the lyrics of some of the songs that these teenagers have been writing together (translated from Hebrew and Arabic). These songs were a wonderful way for them to express their emotions during this difficult year and to cast their cares upon Him. Allow the words to minister to you as you read them. 

Har-eh li et Ha’derech - Show Me The Way
written by teenagers in Rishon Le’Tsion, Israel
The Dor Haba Collaborative, 2020

Verse 1:
I’ve come along way only by your grace
I’ve fallen many times but your hand has (reached out to) help me
Now that I’ve become weary, 
I’m in need of more hope
So open my eyes and let me see Your love

In the loneliness and in the hunger
I know that you are there!
If I only keep asking and if I continue seeking
I know that I will find You!

Verse 2:
Show me the way that leads to you
Give me (Fill me with) Your hope
You give me strength to keep keepin’ on
To continue only with You!

Ha’bchira - The Choice
written by teenagers in the Krayot (North of Haifa) The Dor Haba Collaborative, 2020

Verse 1:
You are close but I am so very far
I don’t know anymore where to turn
In love, you reach out Your hand to me
All that is left is for me to choose (You)

The choice is given to us
But you have already chosen us
Nothing, nothing can separate us 
from You
The victory is already in Your hands
and if we walk according to Your word
Nothing, nothing will separate us from You

Verse 2:
You are the way, the truth, the life
A lamp to my feet and a light to my path
I surrender, I surrender to You
I surrender, I surrender to You...Lord!

I surrender to You, Yeshua
I surrender to You, I am Yours
I surrender to You, Yeshua
I surrender to You, Take it all!

Achshav ani chofshi - Now I’m Free
written by teenagers in Tel Aviv, Israel The Dor Haba Collaborative, 2020

Verse 1:
Help me Lord to put my focus on You and to be with you
In the midst of my hardships 
I (will) pursue you
In the darkness you light me up with joy
Enough with these masks, 
my identity is in You!

Your life, you gave it, you sacrificed it
My sins, you took them, 
you forgave them
Now I’m free to worship you!

Yeshua, I’m free in You
Yeshua, my hope is in You
(Now I’m free to worship You!)

Verse 2 (rap):
I will still find (the light at) the end of the tunnel and there I know that I will meet You
Despite the noise around me, I will find (peace and) contentment in You
And this world … will yet know You

Despite the difficulties of life during a pandemic, the Kingdom of God in Israel is still alive and active - more prayer than ever is rising up to the bowls in heaven! 

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