The Hope of Israel

In October, Lech L’cha’s 29th discipleship programme commenced. There was an amazing response in spite of COVID-19, and this will be the biggest programme yet.  

“Over the past few months, we met with many interested young Israeli believers from around the country that are hungry to learn more about God’s Word,” shared Shmuel, the programme director. “Lech L’cha’s 29th Discipleship program is underway!  The almost month-long lockdown is over, and Israel has begun to lift the COVID-19 restrictions.”

For the first two weeks, the programme moved to the “Translator’s House” in Yad haShmona.  This location was a huge blessing, especially as some of the teachers and support team live close by and were able to be physically present. The rest of the classes were held via Zoom and after the first two weeks, the students moved back to the Lech L’cha house in the Baptist Village.

“We praise God for a good beginning to the program”, said Shmuel.  “We are already seeing how He is working in the lives of the 19 young adults that have joined!”

COVID-19 has had a huge effect on Israel’s economy.  Many people have been laid off from work or put on leave.  Seventeen of the 20 students registered for Lech L’cha have applied for financial assistance.  Most of the students were planning to use these 3 weeks leading up to the program to work to pay for their tuition, but could not due to COVID restrictions.  

Here are a few of their stories:

Uzi* finished his mandatory military service 6 months ago. The oldest of 4 children, he is currently the only bread-winner in his family after his Dad was fired due to COVID-19 cutbacks. As well as paying tuition, Uzi will be unable to work during the 3 months that he will be in the program. Uzi felt spiritually “dry” after being in the army and decided it was important to take time in Lech L’cha to grow in his walk with the Lord, so he can minister to others.

Liora* comes from a family with 14 children. At the beginning of COVID-19 she was working in a hotel with no congregation nearby, and was influenced by the secular atmosphere there. She decided to move back home and is choosing to follow God, but has not found a new job because of the economy.

Shai* is the only believer in his family of atheists. His family does not want to support him to come to a Bible program.

“We need your help to run this program,” shared Shmuel. “We trust God that He is able to supply all our needs, but also know that we need to be faithful stewards of what He has given us. We do not want lack of finances to prevent the students from joining, so we are trying to raise up to 50% of the funds for each participant that needs assistance.“

Would you consider joining together with us in this work to strengthen the Body of Messiah in Israel?  

Standing with Lech L’cha in prayer:

For the participants - to understand God’s love for them personally, and to grow in their relationships with Him.

For Lech L’cha staff - for strength and protection against the adversary’s attacks.

For Israel - Praise God that the number of new COVID-19 infections has decreased drastically and the lockdown was partially lifted.  Please pray that the reduction in COVID-19 infections will continue, and the restrictions on congregations and meetings will be lifted.


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