Celebrating 10 Years

At the end of 2020, Your People My People completed it's 10th year of ministry! With all the ebbs and flows of lockdowns and restrictions, we didn't have a party, but for sure such an anniversary feels like it should be acknowledged in some way, not the least to give thanks to God for opening doors and opportunities to partner with Him and what He is doing in Israel today.

The journey has not always been easy, but my what a journey it's been! When we established YPMP, there were around 15,000 believers and about 150 indigenous congregations and home fellowships throughout the tiny nation of Israel. 

Ten years on and those numbers have grown to around 240 Congregations with an estimated 20,000 followers of Jesus.  We know there are many ministries and individuals all doing their part to see God's Kingdom grow in Israel, and your prayers, your giving, your support have all been a part of that too - thank you!

We have so enjoyed doing this journey with you - with some we have travelled far and others for just a short while, but at all times, we have done it together. Yeshua describes our relationship with Him as a Body for a reason - we can not do the journey alone, nor are we supposed to. We depend on your intercessions to help fill heaven's bowls and bring God's kingdom to bear 'on earth as it is in heaven'! 

We are humbled by your generosity, giving practical, financial support that is used to empower the local Israeli believers as they work to see God's kingdom grow and people come to faith in Yeshua. And we are excited that the best is yet to come - no pandemic, no politics, no disaster nor surprise can in any way stop or slow down God's agenda to love people! He is still the King of Kings and He is still the Creator of the Universe and He is still holding all things together by His hand. He's not finished working yet, so neither have we!

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