Goodbye 2020 : A review from Holocaust Survivors in Israel





"I think it’s safe to say that no matter where you live or how old you are, we’re all looking forward to this new year," shared Helping Hand Coalition who work tirelessly to support Holocaust Survivors living in Israel. 

"In 2020, we passed through so many unknowns, so many days of lockdown and isolation, and so many cancelled plans. As we begin 2021, there is much to be thankful for and much to be hopeful for in this new year. 

"For those who lived through WWII, this is not the first period of upheaval they’ve experienced in their lives. For many of the survivors, these days may remind them of the unknowns they faced as children and young adults, not knowing what new challenges or dangers were around the corner. We can learn so much from the survivors that are still with us and their tenacity for life. 

"This year has been especially difficult for the elderly we work with and new challenges are constantly coming their way. Just when they began to get used to more freedom once again, this week Israel entered its third lockdown. Although this lockdown feels less strict than the previous lockdowns, you cannot invite anyone to your home, movement is restricted to one kilometre, and all non-essential shops are closed. The government is hoping the current lockdown will slow the current infection rate, which has reached levels not seen since October.

"As a period of isolation is once again upon Israel’s citizens, we want to continue to meet both the physical and emotional needs of these survivors as much as we can.   Your support during this period has been especially helpful as many survivors are battling depression from isolation and fear.

"Over 1,300 sufganiyot (traditional Hanukkah holiday doughnuts) were purchased for Survivors of the Holocaust for the Hanukkah holiday. Most of the survivors who received them were from the cities of Jerusalem, Netanya, Haifa and Ashdod. In between the second and third Covid-19 lockdowns, the survivors were able to have small gatherings to celebrate Hanukkah and fellowship together, which they have missed and longed for so dearly. Those who could not attend, received personal visits at their homes with a special Happy Holiday blessing."

From Helping Hand Coalition, Israel  

Your People My People has worked with Helping Hand Coalition for many years and we love the way they lavish the Father’s love on these precious survivors.  THANK YOU FOR HELPING!


HHC ​Eyeglass Clinics gave out 5,756 glasses, 465 blood pressure monitors, and 322 mobility items: including walkers, canes, crutches, & wheelchairs

Thousands of food vouchers were distributed to Holocaust survivors in 
need and food parcels were delivered during the COVID-19 lockdowns

Hundreds of items of clothing, quilts, aprons, masks, incontinence briefs, and more were distributed

Dental treatment was sponsored for nearly a hundred Holocaust survivors even during the Coronavirus lockdowns

Hundreds in need of financial support for medical bills, home repairs, essential appliances and more.