The God who Redeems and Restores

In Israel, I love how easy it is to be aware of God’s redemptive nature. The history and teachings in the Old Testament are woven into the very fabric of society with the celebration of the Feasts of the Lord throughout the Hebrew calendar year, along with other celebrations like the Feast of Dedication (Hanukah) and particularly this month, the Feast of Esther (Purim). At sundown on the 25th, for several days, children and adults alike will be walking the streets decked out in a wide variety of costumes and outfits to celebrate God’s victory over Haman, who had planned to annihilate Jewish people throughout the then known world - a sadly familiar story in Jewish history. But God! His faithful love and kindness in fulfilling His promises of redemption and restoration are signposts to His nature and heart for all mankind, a heart that will move heaven and earth to bring people into relationship with Himself! As Jewish and Arab believers share their faith through words and actions of love and kindness, we are privileged to not only witness God’s redemptive power in the hearts of people coming to faith but to participate in what He’s doing throughout the Land with our prayers, support or service. Never underestimate the part you play in making that kind of eternal difference in God’s kingdom! PURIM 2021 BEGINS ON THE EVENING OF 25TH MARCH - you can read the story in the Book of Esther