Ministering Through Lockdown


During the Covid-19 lockdowns, the staff of Lech L’cha (a Discipleship Programme in Petach Tikvah) have been meeting weekly with participants from their most recent programme online, to encourage and pray for each other. 


One of the few exceptions for which people are allowed to go out during lockdown is to help those in need. Several of the graduates from the last program have been taking advantage of this opportunity and volunteering at various ministries that work with the homeless and those in need.

“One of our recent graduates suggested to distribute the dry food left over from their last program, to families and elderly in need,” shared Lech L’cha staff.  “Two weeks ago, several of the graduates came together for a volunteer day to do this.”

They brought fresh-squeezed orange juice, a hot meal & dry food supplies to families in need and elderly residents that had been stuck in their homes since the beginning of the lockdown.

“We felt blessed even more than the families that we brought the food too!  In each home that we visited, we took time to pray for the families as well as bless them with food,” shared Lech L’cha

“We saw how God used Lech L’cha and the young people to touch the hearts of those we visited, even in this difficult time. The elderly men and women that we spent time with were overjoyed to have visitors.  One of the grandmothers decided to entertain her young guests by playing the piano for them.  Another elderly woman asked prayer for her spiritual well-being and relationship with God.  In one of the homes, a single mother explained to us that she had just spent the last of her money on rent the day before, leaving her without money to buy groceries, and then Lech L’cha showed up!”

The next 3-month residential Discipleship programme starts in  April. Lech L’cha already have several young people asking to register. 

Please continue to pray for the ministry of Lech L’cha as they prepare for the next student intake.

We pray God will continue to open doors for them to share with others and bring glory to Him, no matter what the circumstances are in the world around us!