Follow the Season


The word God has on my heart is ‘Follow the season. This is a new era and we have not walked this way before’. In a very practical way, we can look at the time of year and realise that we need to ‘follow the season’ when we choose what to wear - sweaters and scarves in summer make no more sense than shorts and flip-flops in winter! Looking back at the disciples, when they heard Yeshua call, “Follow me”, they dropped everything to follow the season opening up before them.

They entered a new era, one unlike any other that had gone before. Yes, they would have traversed the land of Israel many times in the years before they met Jesus, but now they were walking a way they had not walked before. Yeshua was turning everything they thought they knew about faith and God and religion on its head, and although they didn’t know it yet, He was going to change the world through them. The known ‘church’ of the day was going to explode past its previously well-defined edges and reach out with salvation for everyone! It was a new era and they had not walked that way before.

The last year and a half has redefined so much of our landscape, what we thought we knew, where we thought we were going and how we thought we’d get there. We are on the cusp of changing seasons on so many levels right now - environmentally, spiritually, nationally, globally, personally - it is a new era and we have not walked this way before. Yes, it involves change - and yet new opportunities. Yes, it has taken some of us into the depths - and yet the deeper we go with Him, the more like Yeshua we become. Yes, lockdowns and restrictions have taken their toll - and yet, God’s kingdom has flourished with online provision and accessibility to the Gospel like never before.

As we continue to do this journey alongside each other and the beautiful Jewish and Arab followers of Yeshua in Israel, let us pray for one another, learning from the disciples, trusting ourselves to the changing season, following Yeshua in this new era, and walking a way we have not walked before!