Who is the King of Glory?


The Lord Almighty, He is the King of Glory!

While preparing for a word I was  sharing in my local congregation, my attention was drawn to a couple of Psalms sitting right next to each other. Psalm 24 is an incredible song from David about God - the King we worship and serve, of His awe, holiness and glory, of His might and power and majesty. And David also penned Psalm 23, a beautiful description of God - the Shepherd we follow, who cares for us and faithfully leads us and provides what we need, and of the promise of eternal relationship with Him. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to meet him - God that is! (Well, David too but of course he’s not the main event). This Shepherd King, our Father God, the Creator Saviour, the One who knows the stars by name, and knows me by name, He to whom the world belongs and overflows our cup! What a day that is going to be....and in the meantime? We go about the Father’s business as Yeshua taught us to do, taking as many along with us as will come, seeing God’s kingdom grow and impact our homes, communities and workplaces.

What a privilege and a joy to be part of God’s amazing family! And what a joyful privilege it is also to labour alongside you as we support our Jewish and Arab family members in Israel, those who are going about the Father’s business and bringing people into His Kingdom with the light of the Gospel! I believe one day we shall not only see God, but all those that are part of God’s family because we prayed, because we gave, because we responded to the Holy Spirit’s prompting even in some small way. Truly, what a day that is going to be!

Until then - keep adding your light!

Karen Gower

You can support Jewish and Arab followers of Jesus HERE