Modern Day Deborahs

Around 20 Arab Christian women gathered in Nazareth at the end of December for their first meeting in HOPE's new building. What an amazing time they had together praising God for this new location which has it's own café space for coffee and fellowship, as well as room for worship, teaching and intercession. "The atmosphere was warm and filled with love and joy as we shared this time together," said Rania Sayegh, the House of Prayer Founder and Director.   

HOPE - House Of Prayer and Exploits in Nazareth mobilizes prayer in Israel and the nations. Rania and her team train and equip young people through weekly meetings and annual conferences, reaching several hundred young adults per year, especially from the Arab Christian community. HOPE also trains many women leaders in the land through regular gatherings and events. Each month, HOPE hosts 24 hour prayer in addition to the weekly worship and prayer watches. Since 2019, HOPE has recorded 424 instances of creative miracles, healing and deliverance. They continue to expect to see the Lord move in healing. 

HOPE welcomed the women to their new building for a time of fellowship, worship and seeking God for His prophetic guidance for 2022. They came together to reconnect before the end of 2021 and to seek the Lord for His plans for this next season. The meeting started with snacks and coffee in the café area. Then some of the youth worship team led worship together with some of the women.

"From the start of the gathering, we felt the presence of the Lord with us and the worship led us into an open heaven. The atmosphere was warm and loving as we were family together in this new space set apart for God’s purposes," shared Rania.

Rania shared about the symbolism of the Hebrew year 5782 ( September 2021 to September 2022 ) and how each Hebrew letter has a sound, a number and a picture. 

Rania continued to explain how the year 5782 emphasizes the Hebrew letter ב - BET which means a house. She shared about the building of the house of the LORD and strengthening the family home and encouraged the women to pray especially this year for a break-through in the area of families and homes - 2022 is the year of the open door. 
“And I will place on his shoulder the key of the house of David. He shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.”
Isaiah 22:22

"We need to identify the door, open the door and go through. Maybe you have been struggling with a door for years, hammering on it and trying to force it to open. This year, 2022, you will find it open without the need for force." Rania saw a picture of herself going through a dark tunnel and then suddenly God brought her out into this place of favour with wide open spaces. 

During their time together, standing in the gap as mothers in the land, these modern day Deborahs received prophetic words for 2022. Here are some of the words they received:

"Crowns are being placed on the heads of each one here, crowns of authority and strategy for the coming year."

"Each one here is a queen. As the Queen of England transforms any room she enters simply by her presence, so we will change the atmosphere as we step into a room." 

"Our legs are being planted in the ground and strengthened. ב (bet) in Hebrew also means foundations, strengthening the foundations and removing those that are false. Evil systems will fall as God gives us His authority and strategy. Our feet will go into the ground and shake those false foundations. The blood of Yeshua is going into the ground and cleansing the ground."

One of the sisters saw a vertical trumpet as we were singing “I need you Yeshua”. The trumpet has a small mouth just as our mouths have been restricted in the past two years, but it has a wide opening which is in heaven and the sound is clear and loud there.

"I saw angels blowing trumpets from the top of the building."

"I heard a trumpet and looked around to see who was playing it but there was no-one there."

"I saw the Lord as a lion. This is the year of acceleration, of fast answers to prayer. The Lord is coming with a sword and the mountains will fall through praise and worship. Raise your hands in victory."

"I saw the eyes of eagles."

פה בית (Po Bayit) - meaning 'here is the house'. The Jewish people are looking for a Temple but God will build the Temple in our hearts."

"The masks have restricted our mouths but that is making the pressure needed for the sound of the trumpet. The pressure we have been under is opening the heavens."

"Angels all around us waiting for specific instructions."

"The year of the family and specifically the year for the family of Jerusalem."

The provision of this new location for the House of Prayer in Nazareth is so amazing. Rania felt for many years that the Lord was going to 'enlarge the tent' and provide a place for teaching and healing rooms and worship and intercession. HOPE are so excited about all the opportunities to grow and provide a place for people to come and receive from the Lord. They have stepped out in faith, following the confirmations the Lord has given them. Would you like to be part of their team? They need monthly supporters who will help them carry the load. They need to raise $4600 for the rent every month. Together, we can share the load and help provide this location for God to work His healing in the city of Nazareth.