Patience in the Waiting

Despite carefully laid plans, things don't always go the way we are expecting. God sees a bigger picture and often we just have to trust Him with the details. 

We are supporting Ayala, a young Israeli girl who is following God's calling on Israel to be a light to the nations. She has recently started working with Wycliffe Translators to bring the Bible to people groups who do not have a translation in their local language. After much preparation and a packed suitcase, she was hoping to be in her chosen country already, but due to bureaucratic complications caused by the pandemic, her long term visa has still not been issued. 

The good news is that the government has started to allow tourists to enter her destination country, so she should soon be allowed to join her translation team. In the meantime, her colleagues are starting the process of submitting all the documents needed for her long term visa.

Even in the waiting, God has enabled Ayala to be a blessing to the local team. From Israel she has participated in online training for the translation teams who are on location. She recently gave a presentation on three key Hebrew terms, explaining their use in scripture, their meaning and how to find a good equivalent in the target language. 

She has also been busy strengthening her own personal walk with the Lord, studying the local languages to prepare for her arrival and reading text books to help with her work as a translation consultant. 

We know God has her in His hands and we pray He will continue to watch over the journey and put everything in place in perfect timing. We also pray for the completion of the long term visa process - for favour and success. 


If you would like to partner with us as we support Ayala to be a light to the nations, you can DONATE HERE and note that your gift is for Ayala.