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Bringing Comfort in Old Age

Maria, who is in her mid 90’s, was so happy to spend time with the Helping Hand Coalition team in her tiny apartment. She sends all her love to all the Helping Hand Israel team and partners. Maria said that in these war times, she doesn’t leave her home and therefore appreciates the company even more. Her son who was there with her during the visit was very grateful to know that so many people around the world care, think and pray for his mother.

Ashdod is one of the cities in the south of Israel that’s being heavily bombed since the beginning of the war. Many survivors of the Holocaust live in hostels for the elderly in the city. They have bomb shelters on every floor, but not all of them can make it to the shelter because of health reasons and using mobility aids.

During a recent visit to Holocaust Survivors living in the cities of Beersheva and Ashdod, the Survivors had an opportunity to share their heart gripping stories with HHC staff and overseas visitors. They recalled their struggle for survival as young children during WW II, running away from the Nazis, dealing with extreme living conditions and harsh winters.

Considering the current situation in Israel and that both cities are under fire, it’s hard to imagine the feelings of these and many other survivors. And yet they continue to smile.


For Holocaust Survivors living in Israel today.

For physical and mental health especially as they live through another war.

For those reaching out to them with care and love with practical help and friendship.


Click the button below to financially support Holocaust Survivors living in Israel

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