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Let the Little Ones Come to Me...

How do you pastor children in times of war and conflict?

Is it possible to turn fear and confusion into a passion to seek God and pray for His will to be done? We wanted to share this report from Tal who runs Dor Haba in Jerusalem who has been wrestling with these very questions...

"With war and tension raging in the region, it is crucial during this time that we raise up children in Israel who will worship Adonai, and who will push to see breakthrough in prayer.

The enemy is deliberately trying to sow fear, hatred, and confusion among many, but he will not have his way!

We pray that our children and teenagers will continue to grow closer to God now more than ever before.

We pray they will learn how to lift up their voice in worship and prayer, standing firm and holding fast to Yeshua!

We strongly desire that in this time of war, both Jewish and Arab children who believe in Yeshua will grow in their calling and learn how to worship and intercede, not only in the good times but also in the uncertain and difficult times.

It’s through their worship and prayer that God will shift the atmosphere. It’s through their humble, God-given gifts and talents that He will shape history!

With great anticipation and by His grace, we were able to host our annual Dor Haba Kids’ Camp at the end of February.

As we prepared ahead, keeping the children in our prayers, the Holy Spirit led our team to use Psalm 91:4 as the theme of the weekend.

The scripture declares:

“He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will take refuge!”

Over the weekend, we truly witnessed God surrounding us with His presence and love.

We had a great turnout! There were a little over 90 kids attending with the help of 50+ adult and teenage staff.

Most people came from Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. We also had a group of Arab children and leaders come from their community in the north of Israel.

It’s always a powerful dynamic to have a collaboration of leaders, both Arab and Jewish.

Over the years, Dor Haba has fostered relationships between Jewish and Arab believers that have grown into long-lasting friendships.

Specific young adults and teenagers from previous Dor Haba camps were invited to be volunteers for this year’s kids’ camp.

It was incredible to see their growth in leadership and teamwork, and to watch them strategically coach and facilitate children-led worship teams, various workshops, and games over the weekend.

It was absolutely a God-appointed time of devotional worship, teaching, ministry, creative projects, and just pure fun.

During such a difficult season here in the land, it was such a joy to see the children genuinely happy. The “dividing wall of hostility” was non-existent as the kids worshipped and played alongside their Arab and Jewish brothers and sisters.

It was two full days packed with amazing sounds of worship and prayer led by children, shouts of joy during sports and creative arts, and little hearts ready to receive during messages and ministry time!"

On Friday evening Tal shared a message based on Jeremiah 29:11, about not being too young to walk in your calling. Examples like King David as a boy and Miriam (Mary) as a young teenager were given.

Another team member, Melanie, shared a message on Saturday morning about choosing to stay close to God and staying under His wings. The children spent a few minutes at the end listening, closely huddled at the front, learning how to be quiet and hear God’s voice.

Several of them then shared encouraging words, promises, or exhortations that He put on their heart. It was so beautiful to see them experience this!

Jerusalem prayer ministry leader, Rick Ridings shared a message on Saturday night about God becoming our true friend, and how to be a friend that leads others to Him. There was an altar call at the end for children to receive and believe in Yeshua, or to rededicate their lives to Him, and many responded.

“The last night was incredible and the children were overjoyed to worship and sing their songs that they practiced to the Lord.

“It was amazing to see the Young Staff encourage them and the parents who were invited on the last night all jumping up and down with love and praise for Yeshua.

“The children also prayed for protection and deliverance for the Israeli hostages in Gaza, for innocent families in Gaza, and for protection for the soldiers.

“They also prayed out in faith, believing God for salvation among the members of Hamas — that Yeshua would reveal Himself to them.

“They prayed for the Muslim and Jewish people across the region, and for their governments, that they would all have revelations of Yeshua and believe in Him."

What Makes Dor Haba Special…

“We know that during this weekend at the Dor Haba Kids Camp, “Under His Wings”, the Lord’s heart was full of joy.

“There is absolutely nothing better than Abba Father seeing His children worshipping Him in unity, loving each other, and using their gifts for His Glory!

“It is significant when children rise up in their identity as sons and daughters of the Lord, and as young “Davids” and young “Miriams (Marys)”, choosing to worship God in every season!

“Dor Haba Kids is a space that encourages and causes children to rise up in this! It provides a place where they can make friends they would normally not meet, and pushes the teenagers to step up in the role of leadership.

“It is a place where their gifts and talents are developed and put on display for the glory of God.

“Praise God, He is our protector, and we believe that our children truly received the Psalms 91:4 revelation during the camp!

“We truly witnessed the Father meeting them and covering them with His love.”

- In His peace and joy, Tal and the Dor Haba Team (Sarah, Melanie, Tal, Sasha, Joshua, Stephan, Melad, Oved, Leon, and more…)


  • For DOR HABA as they train up a new generation to seek breakthrough in difficult times through prayer and worship.

  • For the children - That they would truly experience the refuge under Adonai’s wings. For hearts filled with faith that remain strong in the Lord overcoming fear and being a light to their friends. And a hope to the whole Middle East.


  • DOR HABA would not be able to run these amazing kids camps and regular prayer and worship sessions without the generous support of people like you.

  • If this stirs your heart and you’d love to invest in this ministry to children in Israel, click the button and note your gift is for DOR HABA.

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