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At the turn of this century, a Kiwi and a Brit found themselves in Israel, feeling a bit like undercover agents who had discovered an amazing secret they just didn’t want to keep to themselves. Jewish and Arab people were falling in love with Jesus, but not only that, they were loving each other too!


The pair observed all sorts of surprising joint ventures among these two passionate people groups - worship, outreach, prayer, even just plain friendships all around the country. They knew God was up to something big and that for the most part, the world was not aware! Not being able to keep quiet about such amazing stories, and knowing that the ‘bringers of good news’ have beautiful feet, the two gals worked on putting legs to those feet, and Your People My People was born in 2010. Now they’re running, (and at times even flying!) to get the word out of what God is doing in Israel, through local Jewish and Arab Believers in Jesus (Yeshua).


Want to get some beautiful feet of your own?

Then start right here - connect, share, pray, give, go...

and your story will be our story too!

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To empower the local Jewish and Arab followers of Jesus, in Israel, to be salt and light as they reach their communities with the life-changing good news of the Kingdom of God. 


After serving in Israel for over 10 years, Karen and Amanda had first-hand experience of the ministries in Israel that are run by local Jewish and Arab believers.

Inspired to connect these Israeli believers with the Body of Christ around the world, they established the ministry of Your People My People. (YPMP) to support the local church and ministries as they reach out to their own communities.


PRAY | Our Arab and Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel need your prayer support.

GIVE | Could you be one of our financial partners, investing hope into the ministries that are working on the ground. 

GO | Talk to us about opportunities to volunteer. 

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