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Hiking The Israel Trail

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Lech L'cha discipleship ministry has just began a really special programme with a new bunch of recruits. The 3-month residential course usually includes plenty of hiking in the land of the Bible - visiting sites from the Old and New Testaments - but for the first time, Lech L'cha will be hiking the Israel Trail.

The Trail, known in Hebrew as Shvil Yisra'el is a hiking path crossing the entire length of the country beginning in the north at Dan near the Lebanese border and ending in Eilat on the Red Sea at the southern most tip of Israel. A whopping 1,015 km (631 miles) which takes an average of 45-60 days to complete. National Geographic listed it in their 20 most "epic trails." It is described as a trail that "delves into the grand scale of biblical landscapes as well as the everyday lives of the modern Israeli."

The Lech L'cha staff spent a lot of time praying and planning this new course and are really excited to see how God will impact the lives of these young people as they hike through the Land.

At the beginning of the course, everyone participated in team building activities and orientation at the Lech L'cha house, to get to know each other and then had a two week preparation time before beginning the hiking trail. They began in the most northern part of Israel and will trek all the way to the most south tip.

Pray for this new group embarking on their Lech L'cha discipleship journey - that they would meet with God in new and deeper ways and understand the fullness of their identity in Him. Pray also that the Bible will come to life as they visit the places where it happened and the truths will take deep root. Pray also for the Lech L'cha staff as they lead this new style of discipleship journey - give them vision, wisdom and discernment and bless them as they invest in the coming generation.

If you want to walk some of the Israel Trail when visiting Israel, markers with three stripes (white, blue, and orange), are painted on rocks and trees along the route - check out more info here: Since January 2016, the Israel National Trail can be explored on Google Street View.

Can you help support this discipleship group? DONATE HERE and note your gift is for Lech L'cha.

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