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Presenting Corrie's Hiding Place

3,000 Holocaust Survivors in Israel will be able to watch the moving story of 'The Hiding Place' by Corrie Ten Boon re-told through dance. Ballet Magnificat, a professional dance company from the USA will perform this true story during the week of Israel's Holocaust Memorial Day.

The story takes place in Nazi-occupied Holland in 1944, at the height of the Holocaust. Two Christian sisters Corrie and Betsie, search for ways to help their Jewish neighbours, life-long family friends who are threatened with deportation to the Concentration Camps. The Ten Boon family builds a secret hiding place in their home and their neighbours find security with them. Tragedy strikes when the Ten Boons are raided by the Nazis and transported to Ravenbruck Concentration Camp to face struggles far exceeding their wildest imagination.

"Choreographer Jiri Sebastian Voborsky unveils this heroic story with a great level of drama, passion, pain, yet joy, and ultimately hope. He brings before the audience the challenge to believe the unbelievable– the power of forgiveness."

We pray that the Holocaust Survivors will be blessed by these special performances and as they experience the beauty of the music and ballet they too would find their pain replaced with healing and begin to understand the power of forgiveness to set them free.

________ If you would like to help Holocaust Survivors in Israel you can DONATE HERE and note your gift is for Holocaust Survivors.

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