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  • Even the Darkness Will Not Be Dark to You

    The events of October 7th and the subsequent war with Hamas in Gaza have led to a deep grief and mourning in Israel. A great darkness has come over the people and its hard to find hope. For several years now, Chaya Mizrachi along with a group of Messianic women have been organising a conference for women primarily focused on healing and restoration. This year, they witnessed unprecedented numbers registering - women desperately wanted to be together - to worship, to pray together, to seek God’s face - this year’s conference was the largest gathering for Messianic Women in Israel, hosted by Messianic Women! During the conference Chaya shared how on October 7th she was flat on her back, unable to move after back surgery had gone wrong. She was leaking spinal fluid and in a very serious condition. She had woken at 6am and by 6:30am the air raid sirens were going off. “..that was the day that brought such pain and grief to all of us... which intensified when the world started to turn on us. [The emotions were so intense] ...I’ve cried just about every day and I’ve been angry too. And then we knew our sons and daughters, our husbands, our fathers were now in a battle against evil. We knew deep inside of ourselves that this was a battle against evil... The Lord showed me something about darkness. We don’t often think about God and darkness, we tend to think about light, Yeshua is the light but in Psalm 139:11-12 it says: “If I say: “Surely darkness covers me, night keeps light at a distance from me,” even darkness is not dark for You, and night is as bright as day— darkness and light are alike.” (Psalm 139:11-12 TLV) “Even darkness is not dark for the Lord. There was a family in Holland in World War II, called the Ten Boom family. This family paid a price saving the lives of Jewish people. The two sisters were in the death camps and Betsie said this to her younger sister, Corrie: “There is no pit so deep that He [God] is not deeper still.” So, even darkness is not dark for our God. “My daughter, Devora called me and asked me if I remembered Kibbutz Nir Am and I said, yes. This Kibbutz is near the southern city of Sderot (about a mile from the border with Gaza), and they opened the doors of their Kibbutz during Covid-19 to this women’s conference and said that we could put up a tent and they would let us worship the Lord as Messianic women on their Kibbutz. [Other venues refused to have them because of their belief in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah but Kibbutz Nir Am said, yes.] We met there for two years running and we prayed over that Kibbutz - for God to protect them, guard them, take care of them. During the first meeting there at the Kibbutz as we were worshipping, suddenly all the power went out. The women continued to worship, clapping their hands and worshipping with all their might. I will never forget that day as I felt like I heard with every clap of the hand, the stomping of women, an army of women. What I could feel in my heart was I could hear a marching on the land, I could just feel it. There were marching women, an army of women going forth and then God really put it in our hearts to pray a blessing over this kibbutz, that we wanted to ask God to protect them, take care of them, watch over them, care for every child and family. We prayed in this Kibbutz and we asked God to take care of and watch over this Kibbutz.” “When the October 7th attack happened, in the early hours of the morning, the head of security on Kibbutz Nir Am was a young woman. As the rockets came in and the people ran to the bomb shelters she called her superiors. They told her to stay in the safe room [a bomb shelter] but something inside of this young woman in her inner being, said something is wrong - something inside her said, “No! Call everyone in and get the weapons out.” And so she did. She got the weapons out, she called her security team in, she gave them their weapons and they were all in position around the perimeter when the terrorists attacked the kibbutz. The battle lasted several hours but they were ready. Also, when they asked her about turning the generator on, because the terrorists had cut the electric power throughout the whole area, she again felt inside of her a strong sense to say, “No, don’t turn them on.” Because of that, the terrorists couldn’t get the gate open and couldn’t enter with vehicles preventing further violence and kidnappings. The enemy could not enter inside. “I looked back and I thought about those two conferences, how this Kibbutz had welcomed the followers of Yeshua. I thought about the sound of marching women and how strong the women worshipped with the clapping of the hands. There was a marching army of women who love Yeshua who prayed and worshipped at Kibbutz Nir Am. “I want us all to know something. We prayed there and then we forgot about it, but God hears every prayer of our heart - he hears every cry, every utterance. Everything that is coming from us to Him, He hears. In Revelation 5:8, it says there are golden bowls in heaven. Incense is rising to the God of Israel and it says these are the prayers of God’s people. So a prayer from 20 years ago, is still rising as incense to the Lord. When we were planning this year’s conference, we were asking what should this year’s scripture be, for such a year as this year! There was a story about an Israeli mother who was doing the traditional Friday evening Shabbat meal blessing over the bread but her heart was breaking as her daughter had been kidnapped by Hamas and taken to Gaza. As she was doing the blessings she found herself saying, “I love you, Adonai.” Despite all the heart-breaking circumstances she could still say, “I love you, Adonai.” and know the Lord had compassion and comfort. “I was reading Psalm 18, “I love you Adonai, my strength.” Even though I was grieving, I was able to wake up each day and say, “I love you, Adonai, my strength.”” In the original Hebrew, the word translated ‘love’ here in this verse, means love and comfort, like a mother comforts a child. Its a rare word in Hebrew and is also related to the word compassion. “In Isaiah 66:13 it says, “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you, so you will be comforted in Jerusalem.” Picture a mother with a new born baby because it means both love and comfort - but it goes both ways. It goes between the mother to the child and the child to the mother. The mother is comforted when the child is comforted. The child loves the mother, the mother loves the child. And that is how God is with us. He takes His daughter in His arms - it goes both ways this scripture.” It was with that thought and confession that Chaya opened the conference as all the women declared: “I love you, Adonai, my strength!” The theme for this year’s gathering was “In His Presence” and the scripture was from Psalm 18:1 when King David said, “I love you, Adonai My Strength.” PRAY Pray for the Lord to comfort these women with His compassion. That hearts would be healed and hope restored and strength renewed. That they would become a spiritual army praying God's plans and purposes into being. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." (Ephesians 6:12) GIVE Invest in the work the Lord is doing among both Jewish and Arab women who follow Yeshua (Jesus) in Israel.

  • Let the Little Ones Come to Me...

    How do you pastor children in times of war and conflict? Is it possible to turn fear and confusion into a passion to seek God and pray for His will to be done? We wanted to share this report from Tal who runs Dor Haba in Jerusalem who has been wrestling with these very questions... "With war and tension raging in the region, it is crucial during this time that we raise up children in Israel who will worship Adonai, and who will push to see breakthrough in prayer. The enemy is deliberately trying to sow fear, hatred, and confusion among many, but he will not have his way! We pray that our children and teenagers will continue to grow closer to God now more than ever before. We pray they will learn how to lift up their voice in worship and prayer, standing firm and holding fast to Yeshua! We strongly desire that in this time of war, both Jewish and Arab children who believe in Yeshua will grow in their calling and learn how to worship and intercede, not only in the good times but also in the uncertain and difficult times. It’s through their worship and prayer that God will shift the atmosphere. It’s through their humble, God-given gifts and talents that He will shape history! With great anticipation and by His grace, we were able to host our annual Dor Haba Kids’ Camp at the end of February. As we prepared ahead, keeping the children in our prayers, the Holy Spirit led our team to use Psalm 91:4 as the theme of the weekend. The scripture declares: “He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will take refuge!” Over the weekend, we truly witnessed God surrounding us with His presence and love. We had a great turnout! There were a little over 90 kids attending with the help of 50+ adult and teenage staff. Most people came from Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. We also had a group of Arab children and leaders come from their community in the north of Israel. It’s always a powerful dynamic to have a collaboration of leaders, both Arab and Jewish. Over the years, Dor Haba has fostered relationships between Jewish and Arab believers that have grown into long-lasting friendships. Specific young adults and teenagers from previous Dor Haba camps were invited to be volunteers for this year’s kids’ camp. It was incredible to see their growth in leadership and teamwork, and to watch them strategically coach and facilitate children-led worship teams, various workshops, and games over the weekend. It was absolutely a God-appointed time of devotional worship, teaching, ministry, creative projects, and just pure fun. During such a difficult season here in the land, it was such a joy to see the children genuinely happy. The “dividing wall of hostility” was non-existent as the kids worshipped and played alongside their Arab and Jewish brothers and sisters. It was two full days packed with amazing sounds of worship and prayer led by children, shouts of joy during sports and creative arts, and little hearts ready to receive during messages and ministry time!" On Friday evening Tal shared a message based on Jeremiah 29:11, about not being too young to walk in your calling. Examples like King David as a boy and Miriam (Mary) as a young teenager were given. Another team member, Melanie, shared a message on Saturday morning about choosing to stay close to God and staying under His wings. The children spent a few minutes at the end listening, closely huddled at the front, learning how to be quiet and hear God’s voice. Several of them then shared encouraging words, promises, or exhortations that He put on their heart. It was so beautiful to see them experience this! Jerusalem prayer ministry leader, Rick Ridings shared a message on Saturday night about God becoming our true friend, and how to be a friend that leads others to Him. There was an altar call at the end for children to receive and believe in Yeshua, or to rededicate their lives to Him, and many responded. “The last night was incredible and the children were overjoyed to worship and sing their songs that they practiced to the Lord. “It was amazing to see the Young Staff encourage them and the parents who were invited on the last night all jumping up and down with love and praise for Yeshua. “The children also prayed for protection and deliverance for the Israeli hostages in Gaza, for innocent families in Gaza, and for protection for the soldiers. “They also prayed out in faith, believing God for salvation among the members of Hamas — that Yeshua would reveal Himself to them. “They prayed for the Muslim and Jewish people across the region, and for their governments, that they would all have revelations of Yeshua and believe in Him." What Makes Dor Haba Special… “We know that during this weekend at the Dor Haba Kids Camp, “Under His Wings”, the Lord’s heart was full of joy. “There is absolutely nothing better than Abba Father seeing His children worshipping Him in unity, loving each other, and using their gifts for His Glory! “It is significant when children rise up in their identity as sons and daughters of the Lord, and as young “Davids” and young “Miriams (Marys)”, choosing to worship God in every season! “Dor Haba Kids is a space that encourages and causes children to rise up in this! It provides a place where they can make friends they would normally not meet, and pushes the teenagers to step up in the role of leadership. “It is a place where their gifts and talents are developed and put on display for the glory of God. “Praise God, He is our protector, and we believe that our children truly received the Psalms 91:4 revelation during the camp! “We truly witnessed the Father meeting them and covering them with His love.” - In His peace and joy, Tal and the Dor Haba Team (Sarah, Melanie, Tal, Sasha, Joshua, Stephan, Melad, Oved, Leon, and more…) PRAY For DOR HABA as they train up a new generation to seek breakthrough in difficult times through prayer and worship. For the children - That they would truly experience the refuge under Adonai’s wings. For hearts filled with faith that remain strong in the Lord overcoming fear and being a light to their friends. And a hope to the whole Middle East. GIVE DOR HABA would not be able to run these amazing kids camps and regular prayer and worship sessions without the generous support of people like you. If this stirs your heart and you’d love to invest in this ministry to children in Israel, click the button and note your gift is for DOR HABA.

  • Purim and a Young Woman Called Esther

    The celebration of Purim took place in March - commemorating a time when the attempted annihilation of the Jewish people was thwarted by the actions and faith of a young woman called Esther. In Israel, it’s a time when synagogues up and down the country read the story, reminding the people of God’s mighty hand and saving power and encouragement to keep believing the promises He has given them over the centuries. Traditionally the story will be re-enacted, often with pantomime flair encouraging suitable boos and hisses for the nemesis, and cheers and clapping for the heroes in this snapshot of history. Children and adults alike dress up a few days before the celebration, walking the streets in various outfits on their way to work and school and special pastries are baked for everyone to enjoy. It’s easy to look on and wonder why people make such a fuss of this celebration, but then, most of us have not likely had our nation, our people, our family, targeted for annihilation. There is a gritty determination amongst this people that God marked for his own, so many centuries ago, that despite all those who hope for the contrary, they will survive. Marking Purim each year is a way to remember that survival is always possible with God’s intervention. And for those who love and follow Yeshua, there is an even greater determination to see their people not just survive, but thrive as they find faith in their Messiah, grow in discipleship, and learn just how much they are loved by the very God that chose them as his inheritance and is committed to keeping the promises he made to them - that he will not forget them, that they will indeed survive, that they too can experience eternal life through the work of Yeshua. Blessings and shalom!

  • A Light In The Darkness

    INTERNATIONAL HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY Every year, the 27th January is set aside in many countries around the world to remember the victims of the Holocaust. We felt inspired to dedicate this quarter’s magazine to the Holocaust Survivors we work with and to highlight the dedication of those working to bring love and joy to these precious ones in their final years. Every act of kindness brings a little light and hope in the darkness. One of the initiatives of the UK Holocaust Memorial Day is to encourage people to place a candle in their window to represent light in the darkness. Each year people take part in this national moment for Holocaust Memorial Day. At 8pm on 27 January people across the nation will light candles and put them safely in their windows to: Remember those who were murdered for who they were Stand against prejudice and hatred today Iconic buildings and landmarks will light up in purple during this powerful national moment of commemoration and solidarity. For Holocaust Memorial Day 2023, Piccadilly Circus projected portraits of Holocaust and genocide survivors on the huge screens in the lead up to the national moment, and the screen lit up with a commemorative candle. A group of survivors watched from the ground and held candles in a powerful moment of unity. How to take part? Place a candle safely in your window at 8pm on 27 January. Become part of the conversation about Light the Darkness online by sharing a photo of your candle on social media. Use the hashtags #HolocaustMemorialDay and #LightTheDarkness. Learn more about the Holocaust. There is lots of info on the HMD Trust and Holocaust Educational Trust websites and Join us in supporting Holocaust Survivors living in Israel today. Donate here: What was the Holocaust? From The Holocaust Educational Trust: “The Holocaust was the murder of approximately six million Jewish men, women and children by Nazi Germany and its collaborators during the Second World War. The Holocaust is often referred to as the Shoah, the Hebrew word for catastrophe. “Antisemitism (hostility to or prejudice specifically against Jewish people) has existed for centuries and can be traced as far back as Biblical times. When the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, they began transforming their antisemitic ideology into dangerous antisemitism legislation. Jews were stripped of their jobs, their possessions, and their citizenship; simply for being Jewish. They were soon forced from their homes and placed in ghettos across Europe. Millions of Jewish people were murdered in purpose built death camps, forests and ravines. They were exposed to horrendous living conditions in concentration camps, where many died as a result of starvation and disease. “When we talk about the mass murder of European Jews, we are not only referring to the loss of millions of lives, but also the disappearance of cultures, communities, languages and traditions. The Holocaust was the most radical escalation and violent expression of antisemitism – hatred or prejudice against Jewish people. “Whilst the term Holocaust refers specifically to the genocide of European Jewry, other groups deemed racially and socially inferior experienced horrific and violent persecution by the Nazis, including Roma and Sinti people, Soviet civilians and prisoners of war, Polish citizens, Black people, people with disabilities, political opponents of the Nazis, Gay men, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, it is important to note that only Jews were targeted for complete eradication on a continental scale. It is important that we recognise the suffering of each victim group in their own terms to properly preserve their memory and understand their history.” Trigger warning: some viewers may find some of the following photos distressing

  • Loved and Honoured

    HELPING HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS IN ISRAEL A thriving ministry to Holocaust Survivors was birthed by Andre and Bozena Gasiorowski when they witnessed first hand, the financial struggles of Holocaust Survivors in Israel today. Determined to do something about it they set up Helping Hand Coalition (HHC) to assist with financial aid and also to combat the effects of isolation and loneliness. The organisation has now been running for many years and Survivors have been blessed by the immense love and care that HHC expresses in all its different projects. One of HHC’s projects is Shalom Homes where a group of Holocaust Survivors are bussed to a place to receive not only a good meal but one that is beautifully presented with excellence in stunning surroundings. The Survivors are treated like royalty. After the meal there is always cultural entertainment (music, dance, art, or a short film) and often an opportunity for everyone to get up and dance. The hospitality shown is incredible and the point, to make the Survivors feel special, loved and honoured, works. You just have to see the smiles on the faces as they leave and their steps just seems a little lighter. Some of the worries of the world have for a moment been lifted from their shoulders and they are very grateful. In September, 40 Holocaust Survivors from the town of Hadera welcomed the Jewish New Year together at the HHC Villa in Caesarea. They were gathered by the Association of Ghetto and Concentration Camps Survivors and hosted by staff and volunteers of Helping Hand Coalition. Andre and Bozena warmly greeted all the guests, extending their sincere wishes for a delightful celebration and the coming New Year. Pastor Victor and Julia Blum delivered a meaningful address, explaining the significance of the festivity and setting the tone for the day’s festivities. A delegation of Friends of Israel from China and a famous Chinese singer, Esther Ha Hui, attended the event adding a touch of international flair to the proceedings. HHC often welcomes groups from overseas to come and bless the Holocaust Survivors showing them that there are those around the world that care. A delicious celebratory lunch was served and a pianist from Hadera provided the musical backdrop, playing traditional New Year songs in Hebrew and Russian. The power of music and song ignited a joyful spirit, prompting survivors to join in, clap, and dance. The room was filled with togetherness, the warmth of shared meals, and pure happiness. The Survivors left with a beautiful memory and expressed how they can’t wait to be invited again for such a special time. More then ever, during these times of war, the Survivors need these moments of light in the growing darkness. A group of 20 Holocaust Survivors from the city of Netanya visited the HHC villa in November on the 28th day of war and it was a much-needed time for sharing encouragement and praying for peace. Many of the participants in the event have loved ones that were called up to serve in the army. A fantastic dinner was served, Shabbat candles were lit and blessings recited for the wine and bread. A local Pastor shared from the Jewish lectionary, the portion of the week “Vaera,” speaking about Abraham, who left a great example of faith for us by trusting God in extremely difficult times. It was counted to him as righteousness. He explained the scriptures speaking about the ancestors of Abraham in such a way that it started to unfold and shine for many of the listeners for the first time. His wife, a writer, and teacher, shared about the story of Joseph and the ability to love God and thank Him even in very challenging situations. The talk was so full of hope, the listeners responded with all their hearts. A video clip was shown of the testimony of one of the Massacre survivors from October 7th. She shared her miraculous story of being saved by God during the horrific attack on the kibbutz near Gaza by Hamas terrorists. The leader of the Netanya Holocaust Survivors’ group, also shared her heart with the participants of the Shalom House, offering words of support and gratitude. A group from Germany were attending and shared how it was their desire to come to Israel especially during this time of war to bless the people in words and actions. They had delivered three massive truckloads of aid from Germany and Poland for people in need during the war. This news that Christians from Germany and Poland loved them is very healing for Holocaust Survivors whose experience had obviously been very different during the Second World War. At the end of the evening, after a beautiful piano recital, Tatiana, one of the Survivors shared that she had she had felt depressed on her way to the Shalom House and even at the beginning of the event. But after praying, hearing the uplifting messages and enjoying the music, she went home encouraged and strengthened, along with everyone present at the meeting. Another participant shared their heart and thanked the meeting hosts for bringing all the participants together and giving them a chance to encourage one another. He mentioned that these meetings bring joy and colour to the lives of the Holocaust survivors, as the Shalom Home gatherings created an atmosphere that everyone wanted to take home. In December, a group of Holocaust Survivors from Or Akiva enjoyed a special Hanukkah Shalom Home that included traditional Hanukkah doughnuts and the lighting of the second Hanukkah candle. A message was shared from the Bible and there was beautiful songs and music as well as prayers for peace and protection. SUPPORT HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS

  • I Do Nothing On My Own

    Your giving and praying into what God is doing through local Israeli Believers makes a difference in so many ways, having an impact well beyond what we see in the natural, especially at such a time. When Yeshua (Jesus) walked through the Land and ministered to the people, He told His disciples He was doing only what He saw the Father doing, “because whatever the Father does, the Son also does.” And later He again said, “I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has taught me.” Yeshua’s words and actions were a reflection of what the Father was decreeing in Heaven, and as He aligned Himself with the Father’s agenda, lives were changed with healings, provision, forgiveness and life itself. What a privilege it is for us to follow in Yeshua’s footsteps, to be His disciple, to learn from all He taught us and to do the very things He did, and in His own words, to “do even greater things than these!” As we too align ourselves with what our good Father is doing in Heaven, we begin to see His kingdom grow on earth. As we allow ourselves to be filled and directed by the Holy Spirit, we begin to reflect the heart of the Father, naturally expressing what He is doing and saying, bringing heaven to earth in such a real and practical way. Thank you for being a Kingdom builder, reflecting the heart of the King through your giving and your prayers, seeing His will done, on earth as it is in Heaven!

  • Bringing Comfort in Old Age

    Maria, who is in her mid 90’s, was so happy to spend time with the Helping Hand Coalition team in her tiny apartment. She sends all her love to all the Helping Hand Israel team and partners. Maria said that in these war times, she doesn’t leave her home and therefore appreciates the company even more. Her son who was there with her during the visit was very grateful to know that so many people around the world care, think and pray for his mother. Ashdod is one of the cities in the south of Israel that’s being heavily bombed since the beginning of the war. Many survivors of the Holocaust live in hostels for the elderly in the city. They have bomb shelters on every floor, but not all of them can make it to the shelter because of health reasons and using mobility aids. During a recent visit to Holocaust Survivors living in the cities of Beersheva and Ashdod, the Survivors had an opportunity to share their heart gripping stories with HHC staff and overseas visitors. They recalled their struggle for survival as young children during WW II, running away from the Nazis, dealing with extreme living conditions and harsh winters. Considering the current situation in Israel and that both cities are under fire, it’s hard to imagine the feelings of these and many other survivors. And yet they continue to smile. PRAY: For Holocaust Survivors living in Israel today. For physical and mental health especially as they live through another war. For those reaching out to them with care and love with practical help and friendship. SUPPORT: Click the button below to financially support Holocaust Survivors living in Israel

  • A Helping Hand for Holocaust Survivors

    Many Holocaust Survivors find themselves in severe financial hardship. The harsh conditions their bodies experienced during the Holocaust have left them in need of expensive medication in their old age and it is not unusual for a Survivor to have to weigh up whether to pay for rent, for food or for their much needed medication. Add to that the worldwide financial crisis and now the war with Gaza and life has become quite desperate for some. Helping Hand Coalition want to give these precious Survivors dignity in their latter years and run a nationwide program to distribute supermarket vouchers and clothing, toiletries and other needed goods to ease the burden. Despite the continuous barrage of rockets into Israel every day, the HHC staff have continued to travel around the country visiting Holocaust Survivors and distributing humanitarian aid. In a recent trip to Ashdod and Ofakim, the HHC staff told us, “Both cities had been under incessant rocket fire for the first two months of the war, and even now sirens are a common sound to the survivors. So much joy and appreciation from everyone of them for receiving help in such troublesome times.” Holocaust Survivors receiving Supermarket Vouchers: SUPPORT HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS LIVING IN ISRAEL:

  • 8 Modern Day Candles

    CANDLE ONE | JEWISH AND ARAB FOLLOWERS OF JESUS LIVING IN ISRAEL In Israel today, the followers of Yeshua (Jesus) are shining their light to the people around them - being a beacon of love, hope and peace. We want to celebrate some of the amazing ministries we work with in Israel - each one dedicated to being a witness to God’s miraculous presence. Pray for the Body of Messiah to grow in Israel among Jewish and Arab communities. Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill them with everything they need to live out the Kingdom, especially in these difficult times. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Matthew 5:16 CANDLE TWO | HELPING HAND COALITION (HHC) Back in 2005, Andre and Bozena, the founders of Helping Hands Coalition were preparing the movie premier event of a film they had been working on about the life of a Holocaust Survivor. When the invitations, sent out to the community of Holocaust survivors living in Israel, were being turned down, Andre and Bozena were shocked to discover that it was because they couldn’t afford the bus fare. This experience was a turning point for Andre and Bozena as they dedicated themselves from that point to ministering to this forgotten group of very special elderly people. In addition to tackling the poverty issue, they were determined to bring dignity and love into the lives of these heroes while there was still time. PRACTICAL SUPPORT HHC distributes financial assistance, supermarket vouchers, food bags, winter essentials like blankets, electric heaters to Holocaust Survivors all over Israel MEDICAL ASSISTANCE HHC mobilizes volunteer optometrists to visit community centres to provide Holocaust Survivors with new glasses. Other medical aids including wheelchairs, crutches and walking sticks are distributed to those in need. SHALOM HOME EVENTS With loneliness and the sense of being forgotten being one of the big issues to address, HHC have established ‘Shalom Home’Events. These very special gatherings bring Holocaust Survivors from all over the land together to the HHC villa in Ceasarea to shower them with love and respect. YPMP has had the honour to attend and serve at several of these meetings and can testify to the incredible effect they have on the wellbeing of the Survivors who come. From the moment the coach drops them off at the door HHC staff and volunteers do everything in their power to make their visitors feel as welcome and special as possible. For a few hours the emotional and physical pain in their everyday lives is washed away and they experience a little bit of heaven. Talented musicians set the scene with beautiful life-filled music - this often breaks into dancing as the joy overflows. There are times of sharing both by HHC and the Holocaust Survivors who love the opportunity to be able to tell their story. Often, HHC facilitates Christians from overseas to come and meet the Holocaust Survivors and share something with them. This is especially poignant when they are German Christians who have discovered that Grandparents were involved with the Nazis during the second world war. The sharing of repentance and forgiveness expressed brings healing to the overseas visitors and to the Holocaust Survivors. Every Shalom Home event involves food which is always beautifully presented as a way of making the Survivors feel special and loved. The attention to detail is amazing and is so worthwhile when you witness the smiling faces of the Survivors Pray for the Holocaust Survivors living in Israel. Pray for the Shalom Home events that the love of God permeates every area of the gathering and touches their hearts. Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 CANDLE THREE | DOR HABA : COMING GENERATION Birthed out of a Jerusalem based 24/7 prayer ministry, Dor Haba’s passion is to raise up worshippers from among Messianic Jewish and Christian Arab young people for a new generation. Every summer Dor Haba runs a camp for teenagers bringing Jewish and Arab teens together to build friendships across cultural divides while enjoying workshops on singing, song-writing, instruments, videography and photography, drama and dance. The connections and friendships forged will shape the Body of Messiah in Israel for years to come. These bonds are especially important during times of national crisis when these young people can demonstrate a better way: loving one another as brothers and sisters no matter what is going on around them. During the year, Dor Haba runs smaller gatherings in various places around Israel and also some in the West Bank among Palestinian young people - bringing Jewish and Arab teens together to bless and encourage each other. SUMMER CAMPS In addition to building bridges between Jewish and Arab Believers, there are so many testimonies from these annual camps of teens and young people re-dedicating their lives to the Lord or coming to faith for the first time. HEBREW & ARABIC WORSHIP Dor Haba encourages the young people they work with to write new worship songs. Local songs that speak to the hearts of the people. They are professionally recorded and shared with the Body of Messiah in Israel to facilitate indigenous worship. PRAYER & WORSHIP WATCHES Dor Haba mentors young children and youth in regular times of prayer and worship. YPMP was so inspired to see young kids running an hour long worship watch! Pray for the work of Dor Haba as they build bridges between Jewish and Arab young people. Pray for these friendships to remain strong in these difficult times. How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe. It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore. Psalm 133 CANDLE FOUR | HOPE : HOUSE OF PRAYER AND EXPLOITS - NAZARETH HOPE House of Prayer in Nazareth was pioneered by Rania to train up Arab young people and Arab women as intercessors for God’s purposes in the Land. Rania is also instrumental in bringing Arab and Jewish Believers together for prayer and prophetic events. Just over a year ago, Hope moved into new premises after outgrowing their previous location. From their new home Hope run regular prayer watches, conferences and training in prayer and healing. Rania is a prophetic voice in Israel and speaks around the world. A HIGHWAY OF WORSHIP An ancient prophesy in the book of Isaiah is mobilising an unlikely partnership of intercessors across the Middle East. According to Isaiah, there would be a time when Egypt, Assyria and Israel would be worshipping together, travelling freely between each others nations and being a blessing to each other and the whole earth. Inspired by these words, intercessors from Israel, Egypt and Assyria (located within modern day Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey), along with representatives from other Middle Eastern nations, have been meeting together for several years now to pray for the salvation of their nations, for reconciliation between their peoples and for a spiritual connection that would grow and mature. Houses of Prayer have been springing up throughout the region. A highway of worship to the one true God is being built. As wars and uprisings tear ancient civilizations apart, God is raising up a spiritual army to praise his name, proclaim his word and call his Kingdom into being. Pray for these Isaiah 19 Highway Houses of Prayer. Pray for the gatherings when intercessors from all over the Middle East can come together to pray for each other and their region. Pray for a breaking down of walls and true heart to heart connections. Pray for the building of a Highway of Worship between Egypt, Assyria and Israel! Pray for Rania and Hope as they intercede for God’s Kingdom in Israel & the whole Middle East. Pray for the Isaiah Highway Houses of Prayer throughout the Middle East. Pray that the spiritual tide of hate, murder and fear will be turned back by the strong right arm of Adonai Elohim Tsevaot - the Lord God of Hosts. Pray that a spiritual tide of peace, reconciliation and love will flood the world, invading the hearts and minds of all who dwell on earth. Deliver us from evil and may Your Kingdom come and increase! In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria... Isaiah19:23 CANDLE FIVE | LECH L'CHA : 3 MONTH DISCIPLESHIP COURSES When young Israeli Believers returned from a discipleship course overseas they wondered why they had to go overseas to study the Bible and work in English, a foreign language. Lech L’cha was birthed out of a desire to provide something locally in Hebrew where young people could come to immerse themselves in God’s word, in their own language, in the Land of the Bible. Lech L’cha run 3-month Discipleship Programs, young adults weekend Conferences, and Mission outreaches to the Nations. “Lech L’cha” (translated: “Go forth!”) the words God spoke to Abraham when He commanded Abraham to leave his home and go to Canaan (Gen. 12:1), and again when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac (Gen. 22:2). These words also remind us of the commandment Yeshua (Jesus) gave His disciples, saying: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” (Matt. 28:19). “Lech L’cha” is therefore His commission to us all, to follow HIM. Lech L’cha’s mission is to make disciples who make disciples and multiply. They equip young Israeli Believers for life and ministry (in whatever vocation they may be called to) while keeping Yeshua at the centre of all they do. “We aim to help them become fully grounded in the Word of God and equip them for their own daily bible study; to learn to live the life of a disciple of Yeshua, which is also expressed in the lifestyle of evangelism; to be equipped for service in their local congregations, according to the gifting God has given them and His calling in their lives, and to grow as servants of the Lord.” “Lech L’cha was an invaluable experience for me at a very shaky time in my faith. I needed a serious pause after the army in order to be immersed in the Word and around strong believers all seeking the same fellowship and common desire: to know Yeshua. As a group it was fantastic to dedicate time together to grow as a team and individually in our faiths, encouraging one another. For me, it was Psalm 1 in action: delighting in God’s law and meditating on it day and night, like a tree firmly planted by streams of water. Lech L’cha for me represented coming to the water to receive biblical teaching, prayer, and worship in order to grow strong roots, building my faith on a firm foundation." — Miriam “Changed my life, I fell in love with God...”​ — Daria Pray for Lech L’cha as they build strong faith foundations in the young Believers. Pray faith grows deep roots in these young people and they will be vessels for God to use for His Kingdom in Israel. Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with mockers. But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. Psalm 1:1-2 CANDLE SIX | ADONAI ROI : MESSIANIC HEBREW CONGREGATION Adonai Roi is a Messianic Jewish Hebrew speaking Congregation based in Tel Aviv. ‘Adonai Roi’ is Hebrew for ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’. It was founded by Avi and Chaya Mizrachi in the summer of 1996 with a few people meeting in a private home. As the Lord added to their numbers, the small group grew and into vibrant congregation in central Tel Aviv. WHAT ARE MESSIANIC CONGREGATIONS? "Messianic congregations are faith communities that stress the Jewish context of the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah. Messianic congregations often employ Jewish forms of worship, use Hebrew in their liturgy and stress the connection of Messiah to the Hebrew Scriptures. By enlisting as many of the features of the synagogue as are consistent with the Messiah’s teaching, Messianic congregations provide a familiar environment for Jewish believers and seekers, many of whom are intimidated, confused, or simply uncomfortable among the trappings of Christian churches. "Messianic Jewish families often turn to Messianic congregations because they help children understand what it means to be a Jewish believer in the Messiah, and help kids feel linked to a faith community larger than their immediate family. It would be easy for Jewish children to become disconnected from their Jewish heritage in a Christian church. "Messianic congregations also emphasize the celebration of the Jewish festivals, which often become an event for members of the wider Jewish community who do not know Messiah. These outreaches allow Jewish believers to talk with their fellow Jews and answer their questions about how a person can believe in Messiah Jesus and still be Jewish. Connection with Jewish life through their Messianic congregations helps ease such concerns." - from Pray they are places of real community and connections for Jewish Believers. Pray for their witness to the wider Jewish community ...the people of Israel. Theirs is the adoption to sonship; theirs the divine glory, the covenants, the receiving of the law, the temple worship and the promises. Romans 9:4 CANDLE SEVEN | DUGIT : OUTREACH MINISTRIES During a visit to his sister in America, Avi was very surprised to discover that she had become a follower of Jesus. During the visit, Avi heard the Gospel for himself and decided to give his life to Yeshua, the Messiah. He was determined to return to Israel to share the good news with his fellow Israelis. After attending a Bible School in America , he returned to Israel to preach the Gospel. Today, under the umbrella of Dugit Ministries the Gospel is being shared through a coffee shop in the centre of Tel Aviv and a foodbank/clothing distribution centre. Many are welcome to come and freely ask questions about Yeshua/Jesus and see for themselves that Messiah has come! SHARING HOPE IN TROUBLED TIMES Avi shared with us recently that he had bought a wardrobe from Ikea. It was too big for him to put up alone so he had paid for Ikea’s assembling service. When the delivery arrived the man sent to help assemble it was an Arab Muslim. Despite all the trouble going on between Israel and Gaza, the men : a Jew and a Muslim, enjoyed pleasant conversation and built the wardrobe successfully. When they had finished Avi said, “You know, this situation that is going on, its not what is written in the Torah, in the Jewish scriptures.” The Muslim man agreed that neither did the Koran teach this. Avi then told him that there is a wonderful prophet called Yeshua/Jesus and he taught us to love one another. Here was a Jewish person sharing the Gospel with a Muslim person in the midst of a situation of war. In the end, Avi gave him some literature in Arabic and also a DVD of the Gospel of Matthew. The Arab man was delighted to receive the gift and thanked Avi. Avi was able to tell him that God loves him and if he has any questions to feel free to call, He left so happy that he was able to hear that there is hope for a better way. “In the midst of all this craziness, the harvest is ready,” shared Avi, “and there is a real opportunity to reach out with the hope of the Gospel .” Pray for opportunities to share the Hope of the Gospel with those in despair. Pray for divine appointments and dreams and visions of Jesus. Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 CANDLE EIGHT | AYALA : BIBLE TRANSLATION Growing up in Israel, immersed in the Hebrew language, Ayala is using her gift of language to help translate the Bible into languages that do not yet have their own translation. After training with Wycliffe Bible Translators she was deployed to the Philippines where she has been working with local translation groups as an advisor and Hebrew expert. A few weeks ago, Ayala returned to Israel to get married. She is now working on future plans with her new husband to continue to serve as a translation consultant. Pray for Ayala and her local translation teams as they persevere to bring an accurate translation of the Bible to people groups that have never seen the Bible in their own language. Pray for Ayala as she settles into her new married life. Praise God, for her gift of translation and her heart to help minority language groups with their own Bible versions. Pray for the word of God to go out in more languages as a light to the world. I will also make you a light to the nations — so that all the world may be saved. Isaiah 49 We hope you are as excited an encouraged as we are to stand with these modern day candles - shining the light of Messiah in so many different ways. Light overcoming darkness. Keep them in your prayers! Thank you for journeying with us this year - we love sharing the stories of what God is doing in Israel.

  • I Felt My Heart of Stone Begin to Soften...

    Avi Mizrachi, is an Israeli evangelist and pastor with a passion to see his people come to know Yeshua as their Messiah. He has been serving the local Body of Messiah in Israel for over 30 years. He established Dugit, a Messianic Outreach Centre, which functions as a coffee shop in the heart of Tel Aviv where Israelis can drop in to find out more about Yeshua (Jesus). As Israelis began to come to faith, he started Adonai Roi (The Lord is my Shepherd) Hebrew speaking Congregation in Tel Aviv. Avi is involved in numerous conferences and ministries in Israel and around the world. Here is his story of coming to faith... “I was born and raised in a traditional Jewish family in Tel Aviv- Jaffa, and after graduating high school I served for four years in the Israeli Air Force. When I concluded my service in the early 1980s, I regret to say I was of the world and lost in sin. I had saved some money, so I decided I would go to America. My plan was to explore America—which for me, meant I would visit every disco and nightclub I could find—and then I would go to Las Vegas, gamble, and get rich! When I first arrived in America, I went to visit my sister and her family in Gainesville, Florida. Early Sunday morning, my sister woke me up. “What’s going on?” I asked. “I thought Sunday was a day of rest!” “Get up!” she said. “Come with us to church!” As it turned out, my sister and her husband had become born-again believers. When I resisted getting out of bed, she told me that it’s a nice church with a choir and a lot young people. So I got up and went to church for the first time in my life. For Jewish people, even walking into a church is a problem. Some big walls must be broken down before many Jewish people are open to even hearing about Yeshua. I sat in that pew with my sister and her husband and watched the Christians around me singing and worshipping God. I was touched and provoked to jealousy. But after the service was over, I was the first person out the door. Someone from the church called the house a couple days later and invited me to a weekend retreat. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but my sister said there would be basketball, fun and singles. So I decided to go. On the first night, a woman spoke of God’s love and grace, but also said we had all sinned and needed atonement so we can have a relationship with God— since the Temple in Jerusalem was no longer standing, there could be no more sacrifices for atonement for our sin. Which I knew was true. Then she talked about Jesus—Yeshua—as the lamb of God who came to came to take away the sins of the world. So there I was, a tough Israeli—four years in the Air Force— I saw that my sin had separated me from a holy God and I began to cry. As I opened my heart to Him, I felt a big hand took my heart of stone and gave me a new heart. There was such a peace in the room that I gave my life to Yeshua that night—and I was born again! And that was it for me! In a matter of months I went from tough Israeli with a heart of stone … to born again, baptized, got married, Bible Institute graduate, back home in Israel, sharing the Good News of Yeshua the Messiah with everyone who would listen. As you may have guessed, I never made it to Las Vegas. That is how Dugit Outreach Ministries started all those years ago. But the same fire, the same zeal, lives in me today to see the people of Israel saved from their sins!”

  • Season of Light

    The season of Hanukkah is upon us this month, celebrated by the lighting of candles, a beautiful picture of light breaking through the darkness, and as followers of Yeshua, a precious reminder of His own declaration, “I am the Light of the world!” In Israel, both Jewish and Arab Believers will be sharing an expression of His light this month, as Hanukkiah are lit in Messianic homes and Arab Christians welcome the Christmas season to celebrate the coming of the Saviour of the World. At the beginning of his Gospel, John said, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” When we survey all that is going on in the nations, it can certainly seem like darkness is working hard to overcome the light, but darkness does not put out the light - light dispels the darkness. Certainly if there was ever a time to ‘arise and shine’, it is today. The first night of Hanukkah, just one candle is lit, but by the end of the 8 day celebration, the whole Hanukkiah is ablaze with candles, creating much light and warmth. Isaiah said, “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.” We understand that the darker the environment, the brighter the light seems to shine, and the same is true in our world today. As we add our individual light to those shining around us, the light and love of Yeshua, the Saviour of the World, shines brighter and brighter, breaking through the darkness and bringing souls into the light! Thank you for adding your light to what God is doing through the local Believers living in Israel, with your generosity, your prayers, and your encouragement especially at this time. Together, we shine brighter, reflecting the love of Yeshua, truly the Light of the world! I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

  • Friendship From Germany

    A brilliant initiative is spreading love from Germany to Israel. Holocaust Survivors in Israel are paired up with sponsors in Germany who want to help heal the darkness of the past. The Survivors receive regular letters and messages and gift parcels from Germany - helping to repair the past with love. “Even in the midst of the war, non stop mail, messages and emails for Victims of the Holocaust nationwide, thanks to the kindness of German sponsors, who are expressing their love and support to the survivors, with whom they are connected through the Sponsorship Program, in these difficult times.” - Helping Hand Coalition (HHC) Seb from HHC met with Ilyas, his wife Neliah and Svetlana who are part of the German friends Sponsorship Program. They are World War II refugees and now, for the second time in their lives, also refugees of the current war in Israel. Ilyas and Neliah’s tiny apartment in Sderot is located 150 metres away from the police station that was assaulted and destroyed by Hamas forces at the beginning of the ongoing war. They had to hide, terrified for 8 hours. After the October attack, for security reasons, they were evacuated by the Israeli army, although they did not want to leave their home. Thankfully, they are very well taken care of and have been placed together with many more residents of Sderot in Tel Aviv, where they are provided a free stay along with 3 meals a day. 28,000 residents have been evacuated from Sderot, with only around 6,000-7,000 residents that have chosen to not leave their city. Ilya, Neliah and Svetlana are once again war refugees after evacuation years ago from their cities in their childhood to survive and run away from Nazism. They are so grateful for the love and care they have received from the members of Helping Hand Coalition and from all their international friends. SUPPORT HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS LIVING IN ISRAEL:

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