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A Helping Hand for Holocaust Survivors

Many Holocaust Survivors find themselves in severe financial hardship. The harsh conditions their bodies experienced during the Holocaust have left them in need of expensive medication in their old age and it is not unusual for a Survivor to have to weigh up whether to pay for rent, for food or for their much needed medication. Add to that the worldwide financial crisis and now the war with Gaza and life has become quite desperate for some.

Helping Hand Coalition want to give these precious Survivors dignity in their latter years and run a nationwide program to distribute supermarket vouchers and clothing, toiletries and other needed goods to ease the burden.

Despite the continuous barrage of rockets into Israel every day, the HHC staff have continued to travel around the country visiting Holocaust Survivors and distributing humanitarian aid. In a recent trip to Ashdod and Ofakim, the HHC staff told us, “Both cities had been under incessant rocket fire for the first two months of the war, and even now sirens are a common sound to the survivors. So much joy and appreciation from everyone of them for receiving help in such troublesome times.”

Holocaust Survivors receiving Supermarket Vouchers:


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