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Purim and a Young Woman Called Esther

The celebration of Purim took place in March - commemorating a time when the attempted annihilation of the Jewish people was thwarted by the actions and faith of a young woman called Esther.

In Israel, it’s a time when synagogues up and down the country read the story, reminding the people of God’s mighty hand and saving power and encouragement to keep believing the promises He has given them over the centuries. Traditionally the story will be re-enacted, often with pantomime flair encouraging suitable boos and hisses for the nemesis, and cheers and clapping for the heroes in this snapshot of history. Children and adults alike dress up a few days before the celebration, walking the streets in various outfits on their way to work and school and special pastries are baked for everyone to enjoy.

It’s easy to look on and wonder why people make such a fuss of this celebration, but then, most of us have not likely had our nation, our people, our family, targeted for annihilation. There is a gritty determination amongst this people that God marked for his own, so many centuries ago, that despite all those who hope for the contrary, they will survive. Marking Purim each year is a way to remember that survival is always possible with God’s intervention. And for those who love and follow Yeshua, there is an even greater determination to see their people not just survive, but thrive as they find faith in their Messiah, grow in discipleship, and learn just how much they are loved by the very God that chose them as his inheritance and is committed to keeping the promises he made to them - that he will not forget them, that they will indeed survive, that they too can experience eternal life through the work of Yeshua.

Blessings and shalom!

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