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Preparing a Place for His Presence in Nazareth

In Nazareth, HOPE House of Prayer and Exploits are preparing a place for His presence - they are 'Enlarging the place of their tent, stretching their tent curtains wide, not holding back; lengthening their cords, strengthening their stakes." (paraphrasing from Isaiah 54:2)  For some time now, HOPE has had a vision to increase their space. In one of those 'suddenly' moments that God so loves to reveal, Rania, an Arab Christian who founded and leads the House of Prayer was introduced to an Estate Agent who just so happened to be one of her classmates from 30 years ago. She shared the vision of HOPE with him and the things on her heart to do. He loved the vision and told her about a commercial building that he had built. Again, it just so happened that one of his tenants was in the process of moving out and he offered to take Rania to view the space. "When I entered the space," shared Rania. "I actually felt a lot of peace and not only that, there was a sur

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