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Yosef and the Lamb

Yosef lay huddled under his blanket.  It was dark outside, and although the spring season had begun to bring warmer nights, Yosef felt a chill run down his spine as he heard the wind carry the sounds of creaking beams and rustling palms past his window.  It had been a strange few months for the Hebrew slaves and none of the extraordinary events had escaped the young boy's notice.  There had been more bugs flying and frogs jumping than Yosef and his friends had ever seen before, not to mention strange goings on with the water!  Then things started happening to their Egyptian neighbours that didn't effect his family or friends - cattle dying, boils and blisters, hail mixed with fire, and then those three days where it got so dark everywhere else that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face, except in the homes of the Hebrews.

Now coming was an even bigger event that Moses and Aaron had warned everyone about.  Yosef felt his stomach turn a little at the thought of it,…

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