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Winning Favour

What can one person do to change things around them? Most of our lives consist of various choices, ones made by ourselves and ones made by others who have various levels of influence on us.Our governments make choices about how our country will run.Our culture and communities make choices about behaviour and our societal norms. Our teachers made choices of what we would learn and how we would learn it.Our parents made choices that shaped our world view, our mind sets, our expectations and even influenced our personality.Sometimes it can seem there is a lot of control being exercised over our lives, for better or worse, and sometimes, the opportunities to shape circumstances around us are not obviously apparent.
The bible shares the story of a young girl, living in her elder cousin’s home in a foreign land, exiled there after their country lost a long war.She had also lost her immediate family and was raised by her male relative, in a culture not their own.The King of this foreign lan…

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