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"The Lord’s Teaching will go out from Zion..."

"...the Lord’s teaching will go out from Zion;" said the prophet Isaiah, "his word will go out from Jerusalem." (Isaiah 2:3) We love supporting Israeli Believers taking the Word out to the nations and so we were encouraged when we heard about Ayala's desire to serve as a translation advisor among people groups that did not have Bible translations in their own language.   If you have been following her journey, you will know that her departure was delayed due to Covid restrictions but we are delighted to share that she is now in the Philippines. After spending some time in the capital, Manilla, she travelled to the base where she will work for the next two years. In May, she travelled to South Africa for a two-week intensive training, to observe an experienced consultant who works with a team from Madagascar checking their work on a translation of Colossians. Then, she returned to her base to begin the work she has been preparing for.  We continue to pray for God

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