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Spring Has Arrived For Holocaust Survivors

"Spring has officially arrived!" shared Helping Hand Coalition (HHC). "Shedding our coats after the coldest March in more than a hundred years, it was invigorating to soak in the sun’s rays, feel the cool breeze from the Mediterranean, and smell the blossoming flowers at HHC’s headquarters in Caesarea on March 29th. Welcoming 20 survivors from the Foundation of Holocaust Victims based in Haifa and 21 international guests on their first stop of Joshua Aaron’s spring tour, it was a morning of storytelling, music, eye testing, and conversation!" The survivors arrived with smiles full of excited anticipation and were warmly welcomed by HHC representatives — Bozena Gasiorowski (Director of the Shalom House Project), Luke Gasiorowski (Executive Director of Helping Hand Coalition), Sarah Gasiorowski (Executive Administrative Officer), and Rita Tager (Israeli Projects Coordinator).  Luke and Sarah Gaiorowski with musician, Joshua Aaron  Touching ground in Israel just the da

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