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Millenials on a Mission

At the end of September, around 170 young couples and singles, all in their 20s, attended Lech L'cha's young adult conference. The conference was about 'Being an Ambassador for the Messiah’ and it was encouraging to see so many Israeli Millenials - passionate and on fire to be ambassadors for the Gospel. 

"We want to give thanks to the Lord for the last young people's conference," shared Lech L'cha. "Our hearts are full of praise to God for His blessings on this conference."

Lech L'cha founder, Yohanan Stanfield, shared an inspiring message from Isaiah 6:1-8  emphasizing that the first, most important thing in 'mission' is our own personal meeting with the Lord and our continued relationship with Him. From this place comes an awareness of our sin and unworthiness and a personal experience of the grace and love of God to us in the atonement that is in Yeshua the Messiah. We are then able to hear His voice and respond in humility and com…

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