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Sukkot: Feast of Tabernacles

Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) remembers God’s goodness to the fledgling nation of Israel as they journeyed through the wilderness for 40 years to the promised land. Without a permanent home, they depended on God to provide for all their needs. Sukkot is a Hebrew word meaning huts or temporary shelters. During this Feast, households construct a Sukkah outside with palm branches for the roof and spend as much time as possible in it, eating meals and inviting friends and family to come and enjoy the Feast with them. The insides of  the Sukkot are decorated with twinkling lights and garlands, with fruit (especially pomegranates) and scriptures.  Sukkot also celebrates with thanksgiving the ingathering of the autumn harvest at the end of the year which includes wheat, olives, grapes, dates, figs and pomegranates During the times of the Temple in Jerusalem, Sukkot was one of the three pilgrimage feasts during which the people of Israel went up to Jerusalem to worship in the Temple and presen

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