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The Sound of Arabic Praise

One of the beautiful results of spending time with the local followers of Yeshua in Israel is seeing how God is using both Jewish and Arab Believers to declare His Kingdom over the Land. United through their father Abraham, both people groups have distinct roles and callings over them that release different aspects of God’s Kingdom plans over the nation.  Over the past year, God has been speaking to HOPE - House of Prayer and Exploits in Nazareth about releasing the sound of Arabic worship from the mountains of Israel. How awesome that worship in Arabic would cry out from the hills to the One True God. From the Muslim minarets dotted across the hills, the shout in Arabic is to a different god. We can’t wait to hear Arabic worship in Spirit and Truth, filling the airwaves. HOPE have also been inspired by the Holy Spirit to include the sound of harps in this declaration of worship. Plans are underway to send 8-10 young people from their worship teams to a harp workshop in Jerusalem. Thes

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