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International Holocaust Memorial Day - January 27th 

"Our vision is to see to it that those who were born into the death and terror of the Holocaust, may pass away from this earth in love." - Helping Hand Coalition, Israel

We will be marking Holocaust Memorial Day by supporting elderly Holocaust survivors in Israel. Through the Shalom House program run by our partners in Israel - many are being supported, encouraged and comforted. This special project breaks down isolation caused by poverty, loneliness and illness. Survivors meet in small groups around a lovingly prepared meal and experience the joy of companionship and community. Many are also entertained by visiting Christian groups from around the world who want to share their love and express to the Survivors that they are not forgotten.

If you would like to join us in being a helping hand to Holocaust Survivors in Israel you can DONATE HERE .

The Holocaust Educational Trust have shared this short documentary 'Surviving Auschwitz: Prisoner 84303', which features Ho…

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