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No Money, No Car, No Base, No House...

 JUST GOD'S CALLING TO STEP OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONES AND START!  This Spring marks 20 years since Lech L’cha’s first Discipleship Programme started with three eager students!  Today they are now in the middle of their 30th Discipleship Program with sixteen young Israelis. This is how it all began... In the late 80s, some young Israeli Believers went abroad for a short Bible school.  One of them wrote to Yochanan Stanfield, “This is exactly what we need in our country, in our mentality, in our language, for Israelis - something like this!”     Back then, nothing like this existed in Israel - no discipleship training school or short-term Bible school.  Once Yochanan received the letter, he felt God’s calling to think and pray toward this idea of a discipleship programme for Israelis.  For the next 12 years, Yochanan had this vision on his heart. Around the same time in 1989, Alon Grimberg, a young German in Israel, was seeking God’s calling on his life.  He felt God speak to him, “

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