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The Fragrance of Worship | Nazareth

During 10 days of preparation for Pentecost. Rania and an anointed group of young Arab worshippers from Nazareth took part in a three day online prayer and worship event. 

The event, called “Perfume of Nations”, was organised by Watchman for the Nations (David Demian). Worshippers from different parts of the world each led an hour or two of worship that was broadcast live to the nations.

“Worshippers all around the globe permeated the air with fragrant worship for seventy-two hours, in adoration of Jesus...” stated Watchman for the nations.

“Those familiar with fragrances may appreciate that an interesting phenomenon happens when you anoint someone with perfume. What you purposed to pour on others ends up getting all over you!

“As extravagant worship continues in homes across the nations, ‘perfumers’ are expressing that they, themselves, are getting drenched.... As we pour generously on Jesus, He is pouring lavishly on us.

“The time has come for a global love song to arise from the B…

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