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Do You Believe in Miracles?

“What did you learn in Sunday School today?”
“We learnt all about how the Israelites escaped from Egypt!  Dad, it was great!  Pharaoh wanted to kill all the Hebrews, but there was a huge airplane that came down and picked them all up, just as the Egyptians were coming to get them.  Then the Egyptians got in their planes to chase them but just as they were catching up, there was a big storm and all their planes crashed in the ocean and they drowned.  And the Israelites escaped to the desert!”
“Wow!  Did your Sunday School teacher really say that?”
“Well, not exactly.  But you’d never believe me if I told you what she really said!”
How well we know the stories of the Bible told to us in Sunday School classes, illustrated in children’s Bible versions, and shared at family devotion times when we were young.  But stories of incredible miracles can sometimes become a little common place over the years, and we can forget the amazing and incredulous aspects of God at work!
Perhaps, this is where w…

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