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Something to get your teeth into...

Finding herself in terrible pain and hardly able to eat, Holocaust Survivor Rosa was overwhelmed with joy when she received dental treatment through a project run by Helping Hand Coalition (HHC). She was so excited to share that she can now eat an apple with ease!
Many Holocaust Survivors living in Israel are unable to afford vital dental treatment but HHC’s dental project is bringing relief and hope to many.
Earlier this year, HHC brought together 20 Survivors from the town of Or Akiva who had received dental treatment to enjoy an afternoon of sharing stories, music and companionship.  The Survivors were eager to show off their new teeth and dentures and to tell their stories to the HHC staff.

A wonderful music concert was followed by a short ‘Food for Thought’ from a local leader who shared how history, geography and archaeology have proved the accuracy of the Bible. He encouraged everyone to read the Bible for themselves and discover the wisdom within its pages.

Rosa, a sweet and high-…

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