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You Are Worthy of it All!


Dor Haba, a youth focused prayer and worship ministry based in Jerusalem, have just released a beautiful Hebrew and Arabic version of the David Brymer song 'Worthy of it All.' 
The video was filmed at Succat Hallel 24/7 House of Prayer and shows young Arab and Jewish believers worshipping together in the House of Prayer overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel.
The Hebrew and Arabic words flow backwards and forwards as the young people release their worship over the Middle East as incense before God's throne. 
"We pray this will be a testimony of the reconciliation, healing, unity and peace that only the blood of Jesus can bring to Jewish and Arab people in Israel and the Middle East" declared Dor Haba ministry. 

The song translated into Hebrew and Arabic was first sung by a youth worship team at the ELAV youth conference in 2016. The following year, another mixed Jewish and Arab teenage worship team sang it at the Dor Haba/Jil Sa…

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