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Holocaust Remembrance in Israel

By Hannah Russell of Inspire-Truth (Published May 2nd, 2019)

1933: Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected President of the United States; Monopoly, the board game, is invented; Charles Kingsford Smith flies the first commercial flight between Australia and New Zealand; construction on the Golden Gate Bridge begins. This year brought significant changes into our world, but there was one particular event that changed the course of history forever, Adolf Hitler being appointed chancellor of Germany!

Following Hitler’s rise to power, the next twelve years were filled with oppression and anti-semitism. More than 17 million people became victims of Germany’s persecution, as a result of ethnic cleansing due to Hilter’s belief in the ‘perfect race.‘ Stolen from their homes and forced to live their lives enslaved and tortured, eleven million people met their fate, six million of those being Jewish.

Today, on May 2nd, Israel remembers the events of the Holocaust and the people who died under Hitler’s…

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