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Did Jesus Celebrate Christmas?

If you live in a country that celebrates Christmas, with all the busy preparations for this joyous occasion, it may be hard to imagine winter without this festive season.  In fact for most of us, it probably seems as though Christmas has always been there.  The truth is, setting apart the 25th December to celebrate Jesus’ birth began many years after the actual event.
If one of the 12 disciples happened to time-travel into our living room this Christmas, he would have no idea what was going on. All our traditional activities and foods would be a complete mystery to him.  As a God-fearing Jew however, he would have been busy celebrating quite a different winter festival!  The New Testament gives us a clue as to what this would have been:

In the Gospel of John 10:22 is a simple sentence introducing the paragraph, but one that also sheds some light on what was going on in Jerusalem at this time of year.

“Then came the Feast of Dedication at Jerusalem. It was winter, and Jesus was in the tem…

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